Paul Robinson

lives in Moorestown, NJ — enjoys boulders @ V11 — has visited and listed 8 crags in 3 countries — is a member of The 27 Crags Team

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Grade Total Flash Red point Diagram
V16 0 0 0
V15 12 0 12
V14 44 0 44
V13 119 1 118
V12 137 5 132
V11 213 29 184
V10 158 35 123
V9 169 37 132
V8 95 25 70
V7 49 14 35
V6 4 2 2
V5+ 0 0 0
V5 1 1 0
V4+ 0 0 0
V4 0 0 0
V3+ 0 0 0
V3 0 0 0
V2 1 1 0
Yearly top 10 averages
Red point
Ascent summary chart
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▼ Ascent date Route name Crag name Grade Opinion Rating FA Ascent type Details
2013-03-20 The New Chapter Horseshoe Canyon Ranch V15
FA Red point
2013-03-19 Adventure time Shangrila V9
FA Flash sick compression arete
2013-03-19 Glass Bowl Horseshoe Canyon Ranch V10
2013-03-02 Loved by Few, Hated by Many SDS Horseshoe Canyon Ranch V14
Red point 3 asc
2013-02-18 The tax gatherer East Mountain V12
Red point fa post break
2013-02-18 Cut to the quick East Mountain V12
Red point
2013-02-18 Ayamanei rei right East Mountain V12 V10
2nd Red point not 8a+, same as stand start.
2013-02-18 Ayamanei rei East Mountain V10
Red point
2013-02-13 Blood of a Young Wolf East Mountain V14
Red point 4 asc. 1 day.
2013-02-13 Child's Play Horseshoe Canyon Ranch V13
2nd Red point
2013-02-13 The New Wood Grain Grippin' Horseshoe Canyon Ranch V14
Red point
2013-02-13 One eyed clown Roy, New Mexico V10
Red point sick arete!
2013-02-13 Honey Go Go Gunpowder Falls, MD V10
FA Red point stand. sit is possible!
2013-02-13 Fun bags Sit Roy, New Mexico V9
Red point from the left sit start
2013-02-13 The Reflecting Pool Gateway Canyon V13
2nd Red point
2013-02-13 Fuzzy Logic Willow Springs V12
FA Red point
2013-02-13 Inbetweenem Roy, New Mexico V8
FA Red point
2013-02-13 Ricky Moss Roy, New Mexico V12
FA Red point
2013-02-13 Moss Grande Roy, New Mexico V10
2nd Red point
2013-02-13 On Location Roy, New Mexico V10
Red point
2013-02-13 Bear Toss Roy, New Mexico V11
2nd Red point 2 asc.
2013-02-13 John East Mountain V12
Red point
2013-02-13 Yellow Diamonds East Mountain V13
Red point 3 asc.
2013-02-13 Bastard in a Basket East Mountain V13
Red point 4 asc.
2013-02-13 Phantom Limb East Spur Maze V12
Red point scary
2013-02-13 Le Chinkel East Mountain V11
Red point
2013-01-28 Re-Direct Kraft Boulders V12 V11
Red point 2.go
2012-12-13 Want you bad Varazze V11 V10
Red point
2012-12-01 Alphacentaury sit Varazze V13
Red point sick line. need to improve at heel hooking!
2012-11-22 Gandalf Varazze V11
Red point
2012-11-22 Gandalf il grigio Varazze V14
Red point
2012-11-22 Gioia stand Varazze V12
Red point
2012-11-22 Deneb Varazze V10
Red point
2012-11-22 Messa Delle Streghe W Topout Varazze V10
Flash amazing boulder! You HAVE to top it out!
2012-11-22 Scacco al re nero Varazze V10
Red point
2012-11-09 Mussolini Riesenstein V11
Red point psyched for the return for mensch und maschine
2012-10-31 L'ombre du vent Murgtal V12
Red point this boulder is soooo cool!! one of the best crimp boulders ive ever done. bitteerrrllyyy cold today :(
2012-10-31 Entlinge Murgtal V14
Red point perfect pure power line! short and at you from the 2nd move to the top! the flash by daniel is one of the most impressive feats in all of bouldering, hand down. respect, dw!
2012-10-26 the shield 2.0 sit Murgtal V12
Red point makes the end a bit harder!!! wow!
2012-10-26 the shield 2.0 Murgtal V11
Red point so wet so humid :(
2012-10-22 Moria Zillergrund V12 V11
2nd Red point 2nd ascnt? scary and tall!?
2012-10-22 Drachentöter Zillergrund V11
Red point 2.go. rad line fun day!
2012-10-22 Fuchur Zillergrund V11
Red point 2.go. harder than the 8a version!
2012-10-14 American Gangster Sundergrund V14
Red point perfect boulder. jug start, jug finish with some very cool moves in between. became a huge struggle for me after falling from the lip multiple times and having to come back again. feeling stressed walking up to the start of a boulder is never fun but fortunately climbed it in machine mode today and now the stress has risen! a little route climbing now!? 3 asc.
2012-10-12 Silberross Sundergrund V10
Red point fun moves to a cool crux!
2012-10-12 Hotel California Sundergrund V8
Red point coool! 2.go
2012-10-11 X-Ray Silvretta V11
Red point cool moves but in a hole!
2012-10-08 Skiroute Project Silvretta V13
Red point should ahve flashed. wow! missed the jug part of this edge and fell AHH so close. few tries later. scary finish especially when wet!
2012-10-08 Anam Cara Silvretta V14
Red point well this is one interesting boulder. kind of a weird struggle. pull off the ground and fight your way to the top. the grade!? to me maybe more hard 8b/easy 8b+.... similar in difficulty to golden shadow?? sharp but fun!
2012-10-05 Auf messers schneide Kaseler Alm V9
Red point sharp. was a rest day but this looked fun. 3. go
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