Unendliche Geschichte, V14
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Never Ending Story by Martin Stranik
Zdeněk Horáček over 3 years ago.
Paul Robinson
Alexandra Kahn over 6 years ago.

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Daniel Woods
Red point
river polish, 17 moves, ultimate power endurance line, 4 days of effort. such a classic boulder.
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Michele Caminati
Red point
The story has ended... and for Gabry too! ,-)
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Paul Robinson
Red point
the epic is over. Scared to death at the top but kept it together. scarred for life is a good way of putting it. new projs errrryyywherrr. low end 8b+ could even be hard 8b though... unsure why no one has questioned this one...?
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Anthony Gullsten
Red point
Last day of our trip and also the first day in magic wood. I was really close to send this last year so now it felt really good to finally climb it! Such good moves!
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Mignon Olivier
Red point
Too long...
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Michael Piccolruaz
Red point
wow! a dream come true! after falling twice on the last hard move just because of a simple foot slip, I managed to climb the whole line. I was just super relieved and super happy holding the final top hold and I still can't believe that I was able to climb this awesome historical line. It wasn't even my goal to try the whole line, but once I did the second part so easily and I knew that I climbed the first part quite fluently last year, I decided to try the whole boulder. And it turned out that it is possible =)

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