Käärmekallio is a city crag in Vantaa. It has many easy and well protected routes between grades 3+ and 6a. The place is a little noisy due to Kehä III traffic but not terrible.

There are two sectors: the old "Wanha Käärme" in the forrest and the new "Aurinkokäärme" släb. After rain the slab dries almost instantly if it's sunny. The Forest sector, however, takes about a day to dry. Some routes are dripping and may take longer.


Käärmekallio was developed for Finnish Climbing Association (SKIL) educational purposes in the 1990's. These days you can still see a lot of educational activity but Käärmekallio is also popular among recrenational climbers. It's also popular among families since there are many good routes for kids.

Many of the routes were bolted in the summer of 2010. The second batch of progress was during the winter 2019-2020. In the dark days of the winter, nine previously dangerous routes got new shiny bolts. Many new anchors were added, too.