Why to choose Premium?

👍 Guaranteed quality.

Premium topos are made and maintained by people who know the region very well. You will always have the latest information in your pocket.

🏔 Download topo and use anywhere.

Use our app and download topo. A bad internet connection in the mountains or a dense forest will no longer stop you from accessing topos.

🙌 Premium supports the development of climbing.

Use Premium, and you support the development of climbing areas. In 2022 we raised over €200.000 to local developers.

Get Premium!

With Premium subscription you can use topos from 3436 crags without limits.

Monthly Subscription

€8.90 / month

  • Unlimited topos
  • Up-to-date information
  • Offline mode
  • Monthly billing
  • No commitments

  • Try free for 7 days

Yearly Subscription

Save 50%
€49.90 / year

  • Unlimited topos
  • Up-to-date information
  • Offline mode
  • Annual billing
  • No commitments

  • Try free for 7 days

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Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between Premium and free topo?

Anyone can start making a free topo. It means that the quality of information varies a lot. Topos in Premium are made by people who know the region very well, and the quality is as accurate and comprehensive as possible.

Why can’t I buy one topo instead of a subscription?

In a digital climbing guidebook, the work doesn’t end when the topo is purchased but continues in the form of constant updates from topo editors and improvements in the service. The subscription model allows us to guarantee you will get the most out of your climbing adventures with up-to-date information.

How many crags are included in Premium?

Currently the number is 3436 including places like Fontainebleau, Magic Wood and Céüse, and the number is growing rapidly. With a subscription, you can access them all without limits.

How much topo maker gets from my purchase?

We pay 50% of the monthly subscription profit to topo editors. Based on a number of uses/topo, monthly payment to each topo maker varies from few euros to over 1000€/month.

How to unsubscribe from Premium?

You can cancel your subscription anytime. Read the instructions from our FAQ. (We will miss you though!)