Routes on Kakarsberget, Kauhala

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We like Kakarsberget, Kauhala

Lots of routes and my first visit was almost mosquito free :)
Awesome crag for trad near Helsinki. Winter allows for ice to form for some nice ice routes. Almost all can be set up with a top rope from the tree line above (remember to protect the trees and don't thread the rope around the trees directly) and for self belay. First bolts on sports usually high up, not stupid to bring a crash pad for some routes.
Nice variety of routes near Helsinki with option for a cooling swim at the nearby lake.

Activities on this crag

Kakarsberget, Kauhala

The area is access sensitive!

Pohjoinen parkki on toistaiseksi suljettu.

Lisäksi Laitamaantien vieressä yksityisomistuksessa oleva tienlevennys on toistaiseksi suljettu maanajon takia.

Pohjois- ja eteläsektorin välistä yksityistietä ei saa käyttää.

North sector parking is closed.

Also the widening of the 'Laitamaantie' road is closed.

Private road connecting south and north sectors is not in public use.