Routes on Kakarsberget, Kauhala

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We like Kakarsberget, Kauhala

Jaakko Lehtinen • about 4 years ago
Great for the beginning lead climber. Close to Helsinki.
Kooro Eski • almost 3 years ago
Not the best rock, but the best atmosphere.
Aaron Jones • almost 2 years ago
Brilliant routes, a good little hike to get there too, nice scenery. North and south sector a good walking distance about but a nice walk at that. on a sunday afternoon, perfect weather and there was nobody in sight, i was worried it would be busy but not at all. so many routes to do, it will take a lot of visits to get them all in.

Activities on this crag

Kakarsberget, Kauhala

The area is access sensitive!

Pohjoinen parkki on toistaiseksi suljettu.

Lisäksi Laitamaantien vieressä yksityisomistuksessa oleva tienlevennys on toistaiseksi suljettu maanajon takia.

Pohjois- ja eteläsektorin välistä yksityistietä ei saa käyttää.

North sector parking is closed.

Also the widening of the 'Laitamaantie' road is closed.

Private road connecting south and north sectors is not in public use.