Contribute topos to the community

Give your contribution to whole climbing community. Create or update free topos made by community.

Watch the video tutorial how to make topos.

Set up a team

Create rock climbing topos with your friends

When maintaining topos and access information of your local crags and boulders, team page is the easiest way to get your friends involved. Setting up a team allows you to take full advantage of the team based access control when collaborating on maps and topos.

Teams become maintainers of crag information by listing a crag on their team page. Only team members can update information that is maintained by the team. Teams can also choose to share maintainership with other teams.

Setting up a team

  1. Log in (if you have not already)
  2. Click "Create team" below
  3. On your team page, click "Members" to invite your friends.
  4. Click "Crags" on your team page and add some crags or boulder areas

Once you have added crags to your team, your whole team will be able to create maps and topos for them.