Night Show thumbnail
Ganja babe thumbnail
Ganja babe
7B Boulder at Ganja babe
Strategic Balance thumbnail
Distance thumbnail
7C Boulder at Distance
Patience thumbnail
8A Boulder at Distance
South African Railways thumbnail
Passing through time thumbnail
The Beaten Path thumbnail
The Beaten Path
7C+ Boulder at Beaten Path
Shrasta thumbnail
7C Boulder at Ganja babe
Scorpion Attack thumbnail
Scorpion Attack
7C+ Boulder at Ganja babe
The Finnish line thumbnail
Critical Balance thumbnail
Push thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at Push
Five Ten thumbnail
Five Ten
6B Boulder at Push
Ten Malva King thumbnail
Ad-venture thumbnail
7C Boulder at Ad-venture
Zwangsjacke (Straight jacket) thumbnail
Zwangsjacke left thumbnail
Zwangsjacke left
7B+ Boulder at Ganja babe
Slippery when wet thumbnail
Slippery when wet
6C+ Boulder at Ganja babe
Buying Power thumbnail
Buying Power
7C+ Boulder at Beaten Path
Team pot thumbnail
Team pot
6B+ Boulder at Beaten Path
Chicken hunter thumbnail
Chicken hunter
6C Boulder at Beaten Path
Zero thumbnail
7A Boulder at Beaten Path
The ex-girlfriend's problem thumbnail
Little Israel thumbnail
Little Israel
7A Boulder at Distance
Ginger shit thumbnail
Ginger shit
6C Boulder at Distance
Paddington bear thumbnail
The sheep thumbnail
The sheep
6B Boulder at The Sheep
Rock supastar direct thumbnail
Rock supastar thumbnail
Rock supastar
6B+ Boulder at Rock Supastar
Didi dong thumbnail
Didi dong
7B+ Boulder at Ad-venture
Dyno thumbnail
6C Boulder at Ad-venture
Ergoactiv thumbnail
3 Boulder at Ergoactiv
Action packed thumbnail
Bring your own cookies thumbnail
Double pudding thumbnail
James's project thumbnail
Eternal flame thumbnail
You can take my hole thumbnail
Pebble pocket thumbnail
Pebble pocket
5+ Boulder at Alpha Omega
One up thumbnail
One up
4 Boulder at Alpha Omega
Alfred stays at home thumbnail
Golden ei thumbnail
Golden ei
6B+ Boulder at Alpha Omega
Nix thumbnail
5+ Boulder at The Wind
The wind thumbnail
The wind
6B Boulder at The Wind
The wind assis thumbnail
The wind assis
7A Boulder at The Wind
Moonshadow thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at The Wind
Riders of the stone thumbnail
Tease me thumbnail
Tease me
6A+ Boulder at Riders of The Stone
Irie Game thumbnail
Buschmann thumbnail
Sibamba Ngazibini thumbnail
Alpha Omega thumbnail
Alpha Omega
7A+ Boulder at Alpha Omega
You can take my hole assis thumbnail
Gimme da cash! thumbnail
Dick Tracy thumbnail
Dick Tracy
6B Boulder at Rock Supastar
Cracker thumbnail
Wordkiffer thumbnail
Mühlou Movement thumbnail
Meat Man thumbnail
Meat Man
8A Boulder at Meat man
Munchie Man thumbnail
Munchie Man
7B Boulder at Meat man
Just a pretty face thumbnail
Just a pretty face
7B+ Boulder at Meat man
Box of Chocolates thumbnail
Give me a break thumbnail
Run, Forest Run! thumbnail
Pastuso thumbnail
5 Boulder at Paddington Bear
The slab thumbnail
The slab
4 Boulder at Paddington Bear
Leon thumbnail
8A+ Boulder at Distance
Antidote thumbnail
Hope less thumbnail
Austrian trio thumbnail
Austrian trio
6A+ Boulder at Austrian trio
Bonsai Babe thumbnail
Bonsai Babe
6A Boulder at Bonsai babe
Hobbit in The Heat thumbnail
Skinny Love thumbnail
Skinny Love
7C Boulder at Skinny Love
Lowpro thumbnail
4 Boulder at Lowpro
Strong, Smart and Beautiful thumbnail
Must Do thumbnail
Tengo thumbnail
7A Boulder at Tengo
Flower Power thumbnail
Flower Power
7A Boulder at Flower Power
Sandy Mania thumbnail
Sandy Mania
4 Boulder at Sandy Mania
3D thumbnail
5 Boulder at 3D
Chicken thumbnail
6A Boulder at Chicken
No topo image available
6B Boulder at Chicken
Space Tiles thumbnail
Space Tiles
6B+ Boulder at Space Tiles
Moon Shadow thumbnail
Moon Shadow
8B Boulder at Beaten Path
Matinée thumbnail
Ménage a trois thumbnail
Black Cat thumbnail
Old Spice thumbnail
Old Spice
6C+ Boulder at Old Spice
Ginger shit thumbnail
Ginger shit
6C Boulder at Ginger Shit
Don't be nervous, I'm at your service thumbnail
Oscar the grouch thumbnail
Oscar the grouch
7C+ Boulder at Old Spice
Langarm thumbnail
7C+ Boulder at Ganja babe
No topo image available
The Coop

Climbing has been limited!

Access: Be careful with the existing vegetation & no cutting of trees! Also becareful with the caves, because there might be rock art! Boulder Riders of the Stone has rock art, DO NOT climb the problems somebody has put up around the drawings. The boulders are drawn on the topo, but they are there to remind that these lines are out of bounds.

Parking: Parking is large but please do so in a way that you don't block other cars!

Walk-in: The path is easy to follow. Don't be alarmed when the path veers back to the asphalt road. It will soon turn back heading to the sector itself :) Approach is 810 meters, it should take around 8-10 minutes.