Coop is one of the "new" old sectors. It was very quiet for over ten years. But as there was a real path opened to the sector, it was suddenly one of the easiest sectors to access.

The sector offers very nice quantity of hard problems.

But the problems around 7a are also very nice!


Discovered by Cooper Roberts in 2005 but developed by a group of Austrians later that season.

Since then many new problems have been opened and it is now considered one of the classic areas!

The Coop

Climbing has been limited!

Access: Be careful with the existing vegetation & no cutting of trees! Also becareful with the caves, because there might be rock art! Boulder Riders of the Stone has rock art, DO NOT climb the problems somebody has put up around the drawings. The boulders are drawn on the topo, but they are there to remind that these lines are out of bounds.

Parking: Parking is large but please do so in a way that you don't block other cars!

Walk-in: The path is easy to follow. Don't be alarmed when the path veers back to the asphalt road. It will soon turn back heading to the sector itself :) Approach is 810 meters, it should take around 8-10 minutes.