Mozet, also known as "Rochers de Thon-Samson" is a nice crag in the valley of the Samson River.
The climbing is, as always in Belgium, on compact grey and slippery-ish limestone.
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The style is highly technical, but the start of routes is often bouldery. Most routes are around 25m. The cliff lies in a forest and even the top barely reaches out of the leaves, making it a shady place where you can climb also on warmer days - even though the orientation is mostly South.
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We wouldn't call the crag ideal for families, but it's definitely possible. The approach is decent, although it is uphill. Once at the crag, there are flat spots for the little ones to play. But the cliff base is on a hill, so be aware.

Have fun exploring this beautiful crag.

📚 A paper guidebook is available from the kbf webshop


Around the 1970's the area "Mâle Plume" in the Samson Valley was bought by Solvay. Ernst Solvay ( You might have heard of the Solvay Hut on the Hörnli ridge of the Matterhorn...) was one of the pioneers of alpinism in Belgium.

Around 2008 there has been quite serious considerations and tries to start mining operations in the Samson-valley by Solvay NV. If this happens, the results for Mozet and nature and wilderness of the area would be terrible.
So far it looks like they will not get permits to go forward with it.

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Climbing has been limited!

The crag is maintained by "KBF", the Flamish alpine federation.
To access the crag, you should be a member of a partner club, as at almost all Belgian crags- any UIAA alpine club will do.

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Park only at the marked spot and leave as much space as possible for other cars. When parking on the bigger parking (South), you're allowed to drive past the "privé" signs. Park only on the left and on the side of the wall. If there is no place left, you can park on the grass on the side of the road on the other side of the street, across "Moulin".
Do not park on the grass IN the parking lot!

🚶‍♂️ 8 min
From the parking, follow the trail as indicated.
As usual, don't litter, carry out trash from others, be discrete, don't make too much noise, stay on the trails etc.

New routing is strictly forbidden and maintenance is allowed only after explicit permission of KBF.