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We like Mozet

Great climbing in a wide range of grades. Typical Belgian style on grey limestone. You'll learn how to use your feet...

Activities on this crag


Climbing has been limited!

IMPORTANT NOTE: In 2018, the head of the "steenbok-pillar" was taken away. It is uncertain whether the formation is stable or not. Please do not climb on the pillar. Information is in place at the location, please respect the restrictions, for you own safety.

No real specialties.
The crag is maintained by "KBF", the Flamish alpine federation.
To access the crag, you should be a member of a partner club, as at almost all Belgian crags- any UIAA alpine club will do.

Park only at the marked spot and leave as much space as possible for other cars.

From the parking, follow the trail as indicated.

As usual, don't litter, carry out trash from others, be discrete, don't make too much noise, stay on the trails etc.

New routing is strictly forbidden and maintenance is allowed only after explicit permission of KBF.