Lappnor area hosts many established sectors with superb routes and really good rock quality. The Best concentration of quality climbing is at the Risteys sector that provides a great playground for a climber. There are many easier and harder routes to challenge and entertain both new and experienced climbers for many visits.

Block Work stone has excellent overhanging problems from 7A to 7C that require finger strength and technique. The Incredible Mulk is very charismatic and intimidating 7A that should be on everyones tick list. There are many great grade 6 routes around these two blocks. Most liked are Smoothie 6B and Jopokantti 6A.

Masto sector has 4 block around a tall telecommunications mast. Many go there to try Folkhälsan 7B+ which, confusingly, has the same name and grade than the other route at the Block Work. Punainen Härkä block offers 3 good 6A routes.

Happy Auer sector is a home of Burden of Dreams, the world's first 9A boulder. The rock is somewhat slippery in this sector and the routes require a good technique and some stubbornness. Kesäläski is a great overhanging problem with many heel and toe hooks.

Kahdeksas Luukku sector requires a little longer hike, but it's definitely worth it if you climb 7B routes.