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We like Herttua

Old crag that climbers have visited for decades. For some reason it has stayed under the radar. However, it is a nice addition to Helsinki city crags and it has some nice routes. Unfortunately the "canyon" sectors gates have been welded shut during early 2015 and some graffiti "art" has been painted in the canyons during last two years. Fortunately routes are higher than paintings, but would be nice if no new paintings will be added. Enjoy! EDIT: have to comment on Access Sensitive -thing: C´mon! You don´t need to restrict your climbing if you can´t come to a citycrag with a car that you can´t park within ten meters from wall!! By the road there are a lot of parking space. And first of all, like stated at the end you can easily come here without a car. This crag is within a city area where all the climbers from capital area can come by bike, bus, kutsuplus or even by walking! I added a couple of pictures to open your mind for "new" alternatives. I can´t fit those pads in normal car, but I can easily transport those by bike. Happy climbing. :)
Noni nättii! Just muutin tähä vieree ja kattelin et eiks kukaa muka oo kiivenny tääl :D
Small city crag. Nothing so special.

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