Angel thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at Angel
Godspeed thumbnail
7C Boulder at Angel
Nannou thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Angel
High Class thumbnail
High Class
7A+ Boulder at High class
Hello Africa thumbnail
Hello Africa
8A Boulder at Hello Africa
Maken sloupperihässäkkä thumbnail
Sisäkulma thumbnail
6B Boulder at Hello Africa
Evätys thumbnail
7B+ Boulder at Evätys
Pop the Glock thumbnail
Pop the Glock
7B+ Boulder at Mongooli
Mongooli thumbnail
8A Boulder at Mongooli
Desperado thumbnail
7B Boulder at Desperado
Selätys thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Desperado
30 ja risat thumbnail
30 ja risat
6A Boulder at Desperado
Primal Scream thumbnail
Primal Scream
7C+ Boulder at Primal Scream
Sika säkissä thumbnail
Sika säkissä
6A+ Boulder at Primal Scream
Game Over thumbnail
Game Over
7C Boulder at Game Over
Frispel thumbnail
7B Boulder at Game Over
Tsigidii thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Tsigidii
Hihi pingviini thumbnail
Hihi pingviini
7C Boulder at Dodo
Ålandsbanken thumbnail
7C+ Boulder at Dodo
Mundo ganja thumbnail
Mundo ganja
7A Boulder at Dodo
Slobodan Monstrovich Var thumbnail
Sjuktbana thumbnail
7C Boulder at Dodo
Bussen till slussen thumbnail
Bussen till slussen
7A Boulder at Dodo
Bubo bubo thumbnail
Bubo bubo
7A Boulder at Welcome block
Welcome hug thumbnail
Welcome hug
7B Boulder at Welcome block
Kasviken Kindergarden thumbnail
Sit, Crimp, Start thumbnail
Sloth thumbnail
6A Boulder at Welcome block
Boat Block Problem thumbnail
Level 1 thumbnail
Level 1
4 Boulder at Warm Up Wall
Level 2 thumbnail
Level 2
5 Boulder at Warm Up Wall
Progress thumbnail
6A Boulder at Warm Up Wall
On the other hand thumbnail
Gauhe thumbnail
7B Boulder at Warm Up Wall
Kul tur, sit thumbnail
Kul tur, sit
6A Boulder at Warm Up Wall
Fina krimpar thumbnail
Fina krimpar
6A Boulder at Warm Up Wall
This was too hard last year thumbnail
Yellow Calx thumbnail
Yellow Calx
6A+ Boulder at Angel
Didgeridoo thumbnail
6A Boulder at Didgeridoo
Cortizone Crack thumbnail
Cortizone Crack
5 Boulder at Angel
Theraband Face thumbnail
Theraband Face
4+ Boulder at Angel
Fist fcuk thumbnail
Fist fcuk
6C Boulder at Evätys
Runkkari thumbnail
5 Boulder at Mongooli
Dodo thumbnail
8A+ Boulder at Dodo
Corvus Corax thumbnail
Corvus Corax
7A+ Boulder at Welcome block
Come to daddy thumbnail
Come to daddy
6B Boulder at Didgeridoo
Slobodan Monstrovich thumbnail
Slobodan Monstrovich
7B Boulder at Dodo
Slippery when wet. thumbnail
Bonsai thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at Angel
Peek 824545201 thumbnail
Peek 824545201
6A Boulder at Angel
The Great Escape thumbnail
The Great Escape
6A+ Boulder at Angel
Mun beta on alphaa thumbnail
Dodo Stand thumbnail
Dodo Stand
7C Boulder at Dodo
Luonnonvalinta thumbnail
Punkki thumbnail
6B Boulder at Dodo
Vittu Saatana Perkele thumbnail
Vittu Saatana Perkele
6C Boulder at VSP
Kindergarden, stand thumbnail
Foot fcuk thumbnail
Foot fcuk
7A+ Boulder at Evätys
Kul tur thumbnail
Kul tur
4 Boulder at Warm Up Wall
Nice place between past and future thumbnail
Kasvi-Ken thumbnail
6C Boulder at Welcome block
Rauka vägen upp thumbnail
Rauka vägen upp
6A+ Boulder at VSP
Visbytraversen thumbnail
6C Boulder at VSP
Angel direct thumbnail
Angel direct
7A Boulder at Angel
Fina krimpar, sit thumbnail
Still hard thumbnail
Still hard
6C Boulder at Warm Up Wall
Surtant thumbnail
6A Boulder at Beta on alphaa
Super secret Åland party thumbnail
Ikarus thumbnail
6A Boulder at Warm Up Wall
A slab thumbnail
A slab
4 Boulder at Warm Up Wall
Other face thumbnail
Other face
5 Boulder at High class
Other end thumbnail
Other end
4 Boulder at High class
Just a moment! thumbnail
Just a moment!
7A Boulder at Mongooli
Toinen kantti thumbnail
Märempi on parempi thumbnail
Savonmies saaristomerellä thumbnail
Revenge of Eino thumbnail
Lateralus thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Kasviken ouest
The Grudge thumbnail
The Grudge
6B Boulder at Kasviken ouest
Schism thumbnail
5 Boulder at Kasviken ouest
Ticks and Leeches thumbnail
Die Eier von Satan thumbnail
Intermission thumbnail
H. thumbnail
5 Boulder at Kasviken ouest
Vätys thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at Game Over
To Cure a Weakling Child thumbnail
Nitro thumbnail
8B Boulder at Dodo
Slobodan Syddovich thumbnail
Slobodan Syddovich
7C Boulder at Dodo
Gauhe stand thumbnail
Gauhe stand
6B Boulder at Warm Up Wall
Pygmin kosto thumbnail
Shelfie thumbnail
5 Boulder at Beta on alphaa
Välireitti thumbnail
5 Boulder at Warm Up Wall
Glaston-Blueberry thumbnail
6B Boulder at Grodan
Grodan thumbnail
6C Boulder at Grodan
Tree's Company thumbnail
Tree's Company
6B Boulder at Angel
Double reach thumbnail
Double reach
5+ Boulder at Grodan
Ant's In Your Pants thumbnail
The Huntsmans Hall thumbnail
Red Devil thumbnail
Red Devil
6B+ Boulder at Kasviken ouest
The  spell of the dwarf thumbnail
Green Lane Primary thumbnail
Bella Vista Social Flake thumbnail
Mini Trolltunga thumbnail
Ice Bear thumbnail
Ice Bear
6A+ Boulder at Dodo
Sitting for starting thumbnail
Big Ben thumbnail
Big Ben
7A Boulder at Hello Africa
The Hamptons thumbnail
Fiddling around thumbnail
Starting while sitting thumbnail
Corner Shop thumbnail
Corner Shop
6A Boulder at Angel
Pingu thumbnail
6B Boulder at Pingu
Post Office thumbnail
Post Office
5+ Boulder at Worcester Park
Level 2, sit thumbnail
Level 2, sit
5+ Boulder at Warm Up Wall
Level 3 thumbnail
Level 3
5+ Boulder at Warm Up Wall
NYCs Jazz Hands thumbnail
Year of a monkey thumbnail
Year of a monkey
7A Boulder at Dodo
Birra Moretti thumbnail
Birra Moretti
4+ Boulder at Grodan
Aboo thumbnail
6B Boulder at Angel
Skrapabulla thumbnail
6A Boulder at Welcome block
Ageispolis thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at Didgeridoo
Easy Dyno thumbnail
Easy Dyno
5 Boulder at Primal Scream
Pinkki puppeli thumbnail
Taavi thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at Taavi
Hillan leikki thumbnail
Hillan leikki
3 Boulder at Mongooli
AA-kerho thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Warm Up Wall
Abloy thumbnail
6C Boulder at Warm Up Wall
Croissant thumbnail
4 Boulder at Warm Up Wall
Likaa kivestä thumbnail
Smoking crack thumbnail
Smoking crack
6B+ Boulder at Warm Up Wall
Epic split thumbnail
Epic split
5+ Boulder at Warm Up Wall
Level 1, sit thumbnail
Level 1, sit
6B+ Boulder at Warm Up Wall
No topo image available
7B+ Boulder at Kasviken ouest
Flight of Ikarus thumbnail
No topo image available
Blotten Tot thumbnail
Blotten Tot
7A Boulder at Angel
No topo image available
6A Boulder at Grodan
Corvus Corax, right thumbnail
Scary Elsa thumbnail
Scary Elsa
6B+ Boulder at Dodo
Swamp Thing thumbnail
Swamp Thing
7A Boulder at Dodo

The area is access sensitive!

Use some sense when parking! Not many cars fit in the parking place.

If all parking places are full, drive 500m - 1km longer along the way. There are several parking spots more.

Do not block access to the fields! More information is available at SKIL's access blog.