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Game Over, V9
Using both aretés.
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Video beta
Jonas Solen over 1 year ago.
Video starts 3:50
Jaakko Sarin over 5 years ago.
beta at 4:00
Simon Hermansen over 6 years ago.

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Ascents from public tick lists

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Tomas Lundgren
Red point
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Mikko Manninen
Red point
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Ry Morrison
Red point
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Anthony Gullsten
Red point
Very nice line with long moves and toe and heel hooks
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Jarmo Annunen
Red point
Well... Well under 100 tries :)
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Teemu Miettinen
Red point

Public to-do list entries

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Felt really close when I tried it, but was too beat up to do it. Will surely go down some day in the future with some a bit more rested muscles and a little effort. EDIT: A lot of effort.