No special access issues

By Private Vehicle: Leave Attiki Odos highway on exit #12 to get to Pentelis Avenue (ΛΕΩΦΟΡΟΣ ΠΕΝΤΕΛΗΣ). Stay on Pentelis Avenue for 3,7km (direction north - north east towards the visible Mt Penteli).

On the traffic light after 3,7km (a school can be seen on your left), turn left to Alexandrou Panagouli Street (ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ ΠΑΝΑΓΟΥΛΗ) which soon crosses over small bridge. Follow the road and continue straight till you reach a crossroad (800m from last traffic light).

Turn left to Eikostis Ogdois Oktovriou Street (28ης ΟΚΤΩΒΡΙΟΥ) and continue straight as the road name changes to Leoforos Kifisias (ΛΕΩΦΟΡΟΣ ΚΗΦΙΣΙΑΣ).

Soon after a characteristic steep ascent the road turns left and 100m after, turns right to Tenedou Street (ΤΕΝΕΔΟΥ). Leaving the last houses behind, continue for 1,1km. Reach a crossroad where the road to the right is ascending towards an old military base and the top of the mountain. Follow it for 2km until you reach another road-split with a small road shrine. Turn right.

Continue for 800m -count the distance!- leaving behind two dirt roads to your right and turn right on the third one.

The road is not in very good condition but it is still just about accessible by non 4x4s. 750m after, you see the crag of Damari to your left. 150m further and you reach the crag of Ditikos Tihos and then Spilia Daveli.
Total walking distance and time: negligible.

By Public Transport:
It is not easy to reach the crag by public transport. Buses 446 and 550 terminate at the edge of the suburb of Nea Penteli. From there is approximately 5km on foot (following the car route described above) to reach the crags. Navigating through the abandoned marble quarries using the old dirt roads can significantly cut this time but it can prove tricky if not too confusing for the uninitiated.


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