Santa Massenza:
A magnificent vertical grey wall, this is the crag of Santa Massenza. It offers long technical routes on the left part, shorter but with same style on the right. The difficulties go from 6a to 8b.
The base is comfortable and the routes equipment is good.

Santa Massenza is really interesting and if you like technical climb you absolutely have to visit this wall.

The wall of this crag offers corners, edges, slabs and overhangs, so it practically collects every climbing styles. There are also some short multi-pitches and the routes difficulties goes from 6a to 8b.
The crag base is comfortable and the equipment of the routes is good.
Some tens of meters on the right of the main wall, there is another small sector with 6 routes (Topo’s picture will come soon). From left to right:
- Vescovo de Matarel 6a+
- Principino Giorge 6c
- Merlo da l’ua 6b
- Clone Clooney 7a+
- Ermanno Sbanfa 6c
- Renel L1 6c+, L2 7a, L3 7b

Climax is a good spot during hot summer periods. In the afternoon the wind blows and refreshes the wall.

Il giardino delle occasioni perdute:
Il giardino offers 20 nice routes, mainly vertical and around sixth-seventh grade. The wall is vertical and composed of a compact grey limestone. The climbing requires good technique.
The pitches are well bolted and the crag base is comfortable.

The crag is located in a quiet area and it is possible to enjoy a nice view on Santa Massenza lake.

La finestra:
La finestra is the italian translation of window. The crag was named like this cause it offers a beautiful landscape over Santa Massenza lake, Cavedine valley, mount Cornetto and so on.
The climbing style is pumpy and fingery with 20 routes over 7a.
The crag base is not so comfortable and to climb some routes it is necessary to take advantage of fixed ropes (pay attention cause some of them could be worn). The pitches equipment is nice.


Santa Massenza:
The crag was discovered by Roberto Bassi over 30 years ago. Years later, Simone Banal, Fabio Leoni and Danilo Bonvecchio re-bolted the routes and equipped new ones. In the october of 2017 Gianguido Dalfovo freed the route “Gilette”, a real technical test piece.

Climax is another crag bolted by Danilo Bonvecchio. Other routes were set up by Daniele Lira and A. Lucchi.

Il giardino delle occasioni perdute:
The main bolters of Il giardino delle occasioni perdute are Mauro Bertolasi and Patrizia Marchetti. Also F. Garbari took part in the work. The first route that was equipped is “Il giardino delle occasioni perdute” in 1995.

La finestra:
The crag was bolted by Daniele Lira, M. Bertolasi and A. Lucchi.