From Arco head to Trento. Follow the main road until you get to the second roundabout of Sarche. Turn right, keep following Trento indications. Drive on the main road for 2.6 km and at the roundabout turn left towards Santa Massenza. Follow the road for about 700 meters until you find a crossroad with some trees in the middle.
If you want to climb by Santa Massenza keep the right and leave the car in the large car park. If you have a large car (> 2.20 meters) it is recommended to park here also if you want to go to the other crags.
Alternatively, take the left road, reach the houses and go through the stone arch. Go straight on and over a narrow passage. Keep going straight and after 230 meters you will reach the cemetery with some car spaces on the left.

Santa Massenza:
From the first car park, walk towards Santa Massenza. After about 20 meters from the first house on the left, take the narrow steep path on the left. It has a brown sign board reporting the writing “MADRUZZIANA”. After some tens of meters go right into the uphill path, follow it for about 5 minutes and you will find a junction. Keep the left and you will reach the crag in a short time.

From the cemetery car park, come back for 220 meters and after the yellow house turn right (it is the house next to the one with the black sign “Distilleria CASIMIRO AZIENDA AGRICOLA”. Now keep the left, leaving the bank on the left, then at the junction go right into the dirt road. Follow this road and go over the Enel power center. After ten meters turn right and enter the woods. Go along the rockfall protections and continue walking until you get to a junction. Keep the left and in few minutes you will get to the main wall. There is also another small sector with few routes that can be reached by following the wall on the right.

Il giardino delle occasioni perdute and La finestra:
From the cemetery car park, come back for 60 meters and take the first road on the right. Go over until you get to a junction. Keep the right, follow the path and enter the woods. Walk on this evident path for few minutes and you will reach another junction.
Take the left path if you want to go to Il giardino delle occasioni perdute and you will reach the crag after a few hundreds of meters.
If your goal is La finestra keep the right at the junction, go over the stony ground and turn left, following “Margone-Scal” indications. Walk for about 200 meters and reach a boulder with a red dot on it. Look for a path on the left and take it. It leads to the crag in a couple of minutes.


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