Riverside Entrance
Au bord de l'eau
Wailing Wall
Des Bacs Pour Nini
Riverside Gully
Projects and unknowns
Poached thumbnail
6B Boulder at Oliphants Dawn
Des Claques Pour Nini thumbnail
Des Bacs Pour Nini thumbnail
Riverside Slab thumbnail
White Mazda Clan thumbnail
Facing East thumbnail
Facing East
5 Boulder at Wailing Wall
Juste avant de partir (Before I Leave) thumbnail
Little Mat thumbnail
Little Mat
5 Boulder at Wailing Wall
Take off your shoes thumbnail
Bow Down thumbnail
Bow Down
6B+ Boulder at Wailing Wall
Baboon thumbnail
7A Boulder at Baboon Roof
Creekside Throw thumbnail
Skål (Cheers) thumbnail
Our precious stones thumbnail
Thanksgiving thumbnail
Lit by a lantern thumbnail
Naked at night thumbnail
Swimming in formation thumbnail
Oliphants dawn thumbnail
Alligator thumbnail
6C Boulder at Oliphants Dawn
No topo image available
7B Boulder
Pathfinder thumbnail
8A Boulder at Pathfinder
Tickler thumbnail
7A Boulder at Pathfinder
Nymph thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Dragonfly Boulder
Eddy will go thumbnail
Eddy will go
7C Boulder at Eddy Will Go
Oops! I did it again! thumbnail
Water born thumbnail
Herbes de Provence thumbnail
No topo image available
No topo image available
What's potting thumbnail
Metamorphosis thumbnail
Systematic session thumbnail
Prestige worldwide thumbnail
Leper fingers thumbnail
Leper fingers
6A+ Boulder at Leper Fingers
Hagar the horrible thumbnail
Slappy thumbnail
4 Boulder at Slappy
Sloppy thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Slappy
No topo image available
6B+ Boulder at Priorities
No topo image available
5+ Boulder at Direction
No topo image available
5+ Boulder at Direction
Last Thursday thumbnail
Turkey thumbnail
4 Boulder at Herbes de Provence
Roast potatoes thumbnail
Respect is key thumbnail
Jos l'ard̩chois (Jos from Ard̬che) thumbnail
Pet time thumbnail
Pet time
7B Boulder at Oliphants Dawn
Where's James? thumbnail
Winfield warrior thumbnail
Mooiste meisie (Prettiest girl) thumbnail
Photographic orgy thumbnail
Snake in the grass thumbnail
False start thumbnail
False start
6B Boulder at False start
Jippo thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Jippo
Flying dassie thumbnail
Second encounter thumbnail
First encounter thumbnail
Roof fighter thumbnail
Roof fighter
7C Boulder at Baboon Roof
Au bord de l'eau (The waterfront) thumbnail
Les pieds dans l'eau (Feet in the water) thumbnail
Des claques pour Nini (Slaps for Nini) thumbnail
Des bacs pour Nini (Jugs for Nini) thumbnail
Nini est un probl̬me (Nini is a problem) thumbnail
Neanderthal thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Cromagnon
Cromagnon thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Cromagnon
Un project pour Nini (A project for Nini) thumbnail
G. Dubya thumbnail
G. Dubya
5+ Boulder at G. Dubya
Das ist nie ien boobie (This is not a boobie) thumbnail
Antigravity thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Riverside Arch
Machine gun role thumbnail
Lost thumbnail
7B+ Boulder at Riverside Arch
Floodline thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Floodline
River dweller thumbnail
River dweller
7C Boulder at Floodline
Nice nipple thumbnail
Nice nipple
5+ Boulder at Nice nipple
Haute patate (High potato) thumbnail
Veuz against the bush thumbnail
Red bottom sky thumbnail
Egurra gaztiak thumbnail
Question 🙋  thumbnail
No topo image available
Adieu Sheffield  thumbnail
Dragonfly traverse thumbnail
Labyrinths thumbnail
Jintu thumbnail
6C Boulder at False start
Crystal death thumbnail
Push up Bra thumbnail
Push up Bra
6C+ Boulder at Push Up Bra
Can't chew Bru thumbnail
Can't chew Bru
6C+ Boulder at Push Up Bra
Gyrification thumbnail
5 Boulder at Gyrification
Burger Master thumbnail
Becky's burger bonanza thumbnail
Steve's problem thumbnail
Living Lager thumbnail
Living Lager
6A+ Boulder at Wailing Wall
Gratitude thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at False start
Spruzza regolarmente thumbnail
Roberta Gambaperta thumbnail
Roberta Gambaperta
6A+ Boulder at Wolf Gem
Lelijk Jongkie thumbnail

The area is access sensitive!

CapeNature Areas (Public land). Daily R60, weekly R200 and monthly R750 permits for climbing. Permits can be bought online through but it is recommended that you buy them on site at for example De Pakhuys, Traveller's Rest or Clan Williams tourist office. The permits are not limited so they will not run out.

Park to the grave of Louis G. Leopoldt or by the road, whichever has space.

Take the cairned path. After little less than 400 meters, you'll arrive to the Dragonfly boulder and a little bit further are the Warmup boulders.

To get to the Oliphant's Dawn, White Mazda Clan and Wailing wall, you'll have to walk for another 300 meters.

So the approach is between 5 and 15 minutes, depending where you want to go.

Remember that the Riverside Gully doesn't have a decent path, the gully is filled with spiky bushes and the walking is preeetty annoying.