Restant du Long Rocher
Special area very close to the free camping in Bourron Marlotte. The area features some really weird pocket roofs not often seen in Fontainebleau. Combined with the Ouest and Nord areas you have plenty to do in these areas.
It's a quiet area but usually you see someone around. It has a red and a orange circuit. The red has many high class problems and is clearly visible. The orange is in the south part of the area and also features many very good problems.

Some high class problems one should try:

Sol Invictus 8A
U751 7B
La Boullasse (assis) 7B
Cadeau (assis) 7A
La Calice 7A (assis 7A+)
Pandams droite 7A
Raplaplat 7A
Destroy men 6C+
La boule 6C
La mortaise 6C
La Bauge 6C
Élixir de Bouldering 6C
L'Impossible 6A
La Fiole (gauche) 6A+
L'Anonyme 5
L'Hyper Gratton 5

The area is not stroller friendly but otherwise family friendly. Especially around the blue path (Where you also will find the orange circuit).

Go there and have fun! You will be happily surprised!