Work to fun ratio thumbnail
Try my work thumbnail
Try my work
5+ Boulder at Writer's Block
They all float here thumbnail
Slowgas  thumbnail
Black desire thumbnail
Fat race thumbnail
Fat race
6A Boulder at Warmup Slabs
Shadowpower thumbnail
8A Boulder at Shadowpower
Spooky action (at a distance) thumbnail
Toffiffee thumbnail
6A Boulder at Warmup Slabs
Melting Point thumbnail
Padstacker's paradise thumbnail
Bloody Gumby thumbnail
Bloody Gumby
7A+ Boulder at Bloody Gumby
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Sister fister
6C Boulder
No topo image available
Super soaker
6A+ Boulder
Ledge in Ten thumbnail
Ledge in Ten
7A Boulder at Ledge In Ten
Sister fister thumbnail
Sister fister
6C Boulder at Trust Issues
Jellyfish Sex thumbnail
Super soaker thumbnail
Super soaker
6A+ Boulder at Trust Issues
Meat soaker thumbnail
Meat soaker
6C+ Boulder at Trust Issues
Maskoff thumbnail
7C+ Boulder at Maskoff
Sun Soaker thumbnail
Sun Soaker
7B+ Boulder at Sun Soaker
Shagadelic Finn thumbnail
Chocolate starfish thumbnail
It's a trap thumbnail
The Eye of Sauron thumbnail
Hamster tape thumbnail
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Nipple Alert
7A Boulder
Nipple Alert thumbnail
RRR thumbnail
7C Boulder at RRR
My up is your down thumbnail
My up is your down
6A Boulder at RRR
Golden Flask thumbnail
Lateral Thoughts  thumbnail
Where Fjords fall thumbnail
White plaster man thumbnail
Scoopy action thumbnail
Gabri line thumbnail
One in the pink thumbnail
Close shave thumbnail
Close shave
7A+ Boulder at Eye of Sauron
Downward spiral thumbnail
No topo image available
No topo image available
Chocolate rain
6A Boulder
No topo image available
Pontius Pilates
4 Boulder
No topo image available
In Between Thighs
8A Boulder
Trust Issues thumbnail
Trust Issues
8B+ Boulder at Trust Issues
Wifey thumbnail
7C Boulder at Wifey
Girlfriend thumbnail
7B+ Boulder at Wifey
Mistress thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Wifey
Sharna's Wild Ride thumbnail
Is it out yet thumbnail
Keep waiting thumbnail
How you like them jugs thumbnail
Scott damnit thumbnail
Scott a Noyed thumbnail
Planetary mind set thumbnail
Easy Arete  thumbnail
Easy Arete
6A Boulder at Easy Arete
Menkat  thumbnail
7C+ Boulder at Eye of Sauron
Don't be shy thumbnail
Molly Percocet thumbnail
Molly Percocet
8A Boulder at Maskoff
Black Cat thumbnail
Black Cat
6C Boulder at Warmup Slabs
Menkat crouch start thumbnail
Blitz thumbnail
6C Boulder at Sharna's Wild Ride
Don't Break thumbnail
Lunar Landing thumbnail
Lunar Landing
6C+ Boulder at Fool's Gold
Fool's Gold thumbnail
Fool's Gold
6C Boulder at Fool's Gold
Eye of The Tigress thumbnail
Smear Campaign thumbnail
Popular Option thumbnail
Monkey Style thumbnail
Monkey Style
8A Boulder at Monkey Style
Spicy Justice thumbnail
Spicy Justice
7C+ Boulder at Spicy Justice
Small But Tall thumbnail
No topo image available
Not just a pretty face thumbnail
Method Cap thumbnail
Method Cap
8A Boulder at Method Cap
Prison Break thumbnail
Prison Break
7B+ Boulder at Method Cap
Sexy Time thumbnail
Sexy Time
6C+ Boulder at Method Cap
In Between Thighs thumbnail
Kickstarter thumbnail
7C Boulder at Kickstarter
Dyno project (open) thumbnail
Digital Wold, but not certainly Living Proof thumbnail
Enter the Realm thumbnail
Army of one thumbnail
Army of one
7B+ Boulder at Enter The Realm
Get pitted thumbnail
Get pitted
6B+ Boulder at Get Pitted
Get pitted assis thumbnail
Get pitted assis
7C+ Boulder at Get Pitted
Anna's project thumbnail
Warm up thumbnail
Warm up
6A Boulder at Anna's project
Warmup 3 thumbnail
Warmup 3
6A Boulder at Warmups
Warmup 2 thumbnail
Warmup 2
4+ Boulder at Warmups
Warmup 1 thumbnail
Warmup 1
5 Boulder at Warmups
Shaky piper thumbnail
Shaky piper
6B+ Boulder at Shaky piper
Sketchy piper thumbnail
Sketchy piper
6C Boulder at Shaky piper
Low hanging fruit thumbnail
Hungry eyes thumbnail
Hungry eyes
7A+ Boulder at Hungry eyes
Die hanglanger thumbnail
Boss man thumbnail
Boss man
7A Boulder at Hungry eyes
Bamm Bamm thumbnail
Bamm Bamm
6C+ Boulder at Bamm Bamm
Martin's Booze cruise  thumbnail
Left door thumbnail
Right door thumbnail
Naice! thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Jellyfish Sex
Mano Negra thumbnail
Mano Negra
7C Boulder at Jellyfish Sex
Pata Negra thumbnail
Pata Negra
7A Boulder at Jellyfish Sex
No topo image available
No topo image available
Hot day hangout thumbnail
Hot day hangout assis thumbnail
Internet stroll thumbnail
The herd thickens thumbnail
Angry scorpion thumbnail
Homeless scorpion thumbnail
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Antropophobia thumbnail
No topo image available
No topo image available
No topo image available
No topo image available
No topo image available
No topo image available
Thirsty Eyes thumbnail
Thirsty Eyes
7C+ Boulder at Hungry eyes
Lava thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Gluten Free
Gluten free thumbnail
Gluten free
6B Boulder at Gluten Free
Open project thumbnail
Open project
3 Boulder at Sector 50
Open project thumbnail
Open project
3 Boulder at Sector 50
Open project thumbnail
Open project
3 Boulder at Sector 50
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Exit Strategy thumbnail
Bad and Boujee thumbnail
Upside Down thumbnail
Kook thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Kook
Grommet thumbnail
6C Boulder at Kook
Brick Wall thumbnail
Brick Wall
6C+ Boulder at Brick wall
Emergency Malva Button thumbnail
Emergency Malva Button stand thumbnail
Malvageddon thumbnail
Leif Klasland sit start thumbnail
Leif Klasland thumbnail
Wild Africa thumbnail
Wild Africa
7B Boulder at Wild Africa
Middle way thumbnail
Middle way
5+ Boulder at Wild Africa
Shadow Soaker thumbnail
Shadow Soaker
7A Boulder at Sun Soaker
Sistress thumbnail
6A Boulder at Wifey
Mistress sit start thumbnail
Mistress sit start
7B Boulder at Wifey
No topo image available
No topo image available
Nano negra
7A Boulder at Jellyfish Sex
Brown Eye  thumbnail
More pho thumbnail
More pho
8A Boulder at In between thighs
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Should We Walk It For Him  thumbnail
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Climbing has been limited!


The realm resides in the Biedouw valley, and it's outside of the Cape Nature permit system.

The climbing is allowed, but it has currently R50 (or R80) fee per person. CASH ONLY! It doesn't matter whether you climb or not, the entry permit is still the same.

Drive past Traveller's Rest (farm stall), continue the asphalt road and turn right towards "Wuppertal". Drive for about 16km and you'll see "Biedouw Jeugkamp", turn right and follow the dirt road for 2.2km.

When you approach the sector parking, CLOSE all the gates after you pass through them. You MUST stop at the office (kantoor) and pay the daily permit.

The approach is 1.5km in total. The vertical raise is ~170 meters and the total time of walk-in is around 25-30 minutes.

The path is well marked with cairns after you pass the small stream/river.