The Realm is a nice area at 600m above the sea level.

It is different from many other Rocklands areas because it has a wide variety of styles. Good slabs, nice vertical problems, overhangs and some roofs also.

The amount of problems is decent, but there are more problems to be opened for those, who are willing to search around a little and go off the beaten path.

The area has some instant classics, such as:

How do you like them jugs, 6C
The Eye of Sauron, 7C+
Trust Issues, 8B+
Company Policy, 7B+
Sunseeker, 7B+
Bloody Gumby, 7A+
Black Power, 6A
Ledge in Ten, 7A
Where the Fjords Fall, 5
Scoopy Action, 6C

Remember that on weekends the youth camp is filled with... yeah, young people. So it might be crowded, because there are buses and groups of kids.

The Youth Camp also provides accommodation. You can ask more information from Charité at Traveller's Rest, or from the office when entering The Realm, there should be somebody at all times.


Nalle Hukkataival found The Realm in May 2017.

The area was not found by luck, but by a strenuous effort. Looking through satellite imagery, hiking countless hours up and down the mountain sides. The surrounding areas have a huge amount of blocks, but the boulders are mainly all jugs, or no holds at all.

Nalle almost gave up with the search, but he decided to hike to the higher grounds and struck gold.


Climbing has been limited!


The realm resides in the Biedouw valley, and it's outside of the Cape Nature permit system.

The climbing is allowed, but it has currently R50 (or R80) fee per person. CASH ONLY! It doesn't matter whether you climb or not, the entry permit is still the same.

Drive past Traveller's Rest (farm stall), continue the asphalt road and turn right towards "Wuppertal". Drive for about 16km and you'll see "Biedouw Jeugkamp", turn right and follow the dirt road for 2.2km.

When you approach the sector parking, CLOSE all the gates after you pass through them. You MUST stop at the office (kantoor) and pay the daily permit.

The approach is 1.5km in total. The vertical raise is ~170 meters and the total time of walk-in is around 25-30 minutes.

The path is well marked with cairns after you pass the small stream/river.