No special access issues

Pihlajamäki is easily reached by public bus services. The closest bus stop Pihlajistontie is just at the foot of the pihlajamäki cliffs, from which a short walk uphill leads to the climbing sectors. There is also a nearby rental bike station at Viiking tiedepuisto.

Those approaching by car can find parking space along Johtokiventie. On the east side of Lahden väylä, there are free parking places around Viikki campus, as well around the commercial area Prisma. For a quick pop or picking up people, there are also few parking spaces at ABC pihlajamäki.

Approach from the Pihlajistontie bus station is straight-forward, up the hill climb to the climbing sectors. Easiest place to head first to orient yourself is Vahtimestari sector, which is visible from the road. From Johtokiventie direction, head over the pihlajamäki hill. The path follows through a few trees, after which you should find yourself near Kalotti, just above Ylä Vahtimestari.

The place is popular among youth and there is an never-ending cycle of spray-painting and cleaning the rock faces. There is also an unfortunate amount of broken glass and other bio-hazards, so keep an eye out where you step!


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email