The climbing on Perskallio is exceptional although there aren't too many routes. The few routes here are all perfect crack lines! Steep and pumpy and mostly well protected.

Perskallio is easily accessible with public transportation. Walking distance is only 1,5 km from Järvelä train station. In March 2019 the commuter train stops at the Järvelä station every 30 minutes.


The old aid ascents date back to early 90's and were done by Kari Poti. Nokian Viitonen was also climbed free at that time. The refers to the tough grades in the Nokia/Tampere region.

The free climbing era begun in 2003/2004 with free ascents of Ruoska, Distorsio Anus and Kavapakki. The free ascents were done by Tomi Nytorp.

Perskallio / Kärkölä

Climbing has been limited!

Kiipeily kielletty heinäkuun loppuun asti uhanalaisen lintulajin pesinnän takia.
Climbing is prohibited till end of July due to nesting of endangered birds.