Tiger Claw thumbnail
Tiger Claw
8A Boulder at Tiger Claw
Welcome thumbnail
6A Boulder at Welcome
Slopper thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at Welcome
Slopper buffet thumbnail
Slopper buffet
6C+ Boulder at Welcome
Long street thumbnail
Long street
7C+ Boulder at Welcome
Tony's problem thumbnail
Tony's problem
8B Boulder at Welcome
Pardon my French thumbnail
Cornelio thumbnail
El Castillo ambulante thumbnail
Marc's Dyno thumbnail
Marc's Dyno
6A Boulder at Marc's Dyno
Marc's wall thumbnail
Marc's wall
5+ Boulder at Marc's wall
Marc's mantle thumbnail
Marc's move thumbnail
Marc's move
6B+ Boulder at Marc's wall
Campus move thumbnail
Campus move
7C Boulder at The Complu
Goosfraba thumbnail
7C Boulder at The Complu
90 degrees thumbnail
90 degrees
5 Boulder at The Complu
The Complu thumbnail
The Complu
5 Boulder at The Complu
The complication thumbnail
Blind hole thumbnail
Blind hole
5+ Boulder at The Complu
Black bubbles thumbnail
Black bubbles
5+ Boulder at The Complu
Come and go thumbnail
Come and go
6A Boulder at The Complu
Easy arete thumbnail
Easy arete
3 Boulder at The Complu
No topo image available
Matt's problem thumbnail
The crack thumbnail
The crack
6C Boulder at Tony's areté
Tony's arete thumbnail
Tony's arete
7C+ Boulder at Tony's areté
Tall rock thumbnail
Tall rock
7C Boulder at Tall Order
Tall order thumbnail
Tall order
6C+ Boulder at Tall Order
I think I'm getting the black lung, Pop thumbnail
Blackberry thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at Slabs
Man on the moon thumbnail
Man on the moon
5+ Boulder at Slabs
Rabbit in the moon thumbnail
Rabbit in the moon
5+ Boulder at Slabs
Kung-fu hustle thumbnail
Kung-fu hustle
7C Boulder at Black Label
Black label thumbnail
Black label
8A Boulder at Black Label
Swazi thumbnail
6B Boulder at Black Label
Red Car thumbnail
Red Car
6B Boulder at Georgette Boulder
Right crack thumbnail
Left crack thumbnail
Georgette right thumbnail
Georgette thumbnail
7B+ Boulder at Georgette Boulder
Crux thumbnail
7C Boulder at Georgette Boulder
Espace vert thumbnail
Stretch up thumbnail
Stretch up
7C+ Boulder at Georgette Boulder
Line in the sand thumbnail
Greek wedding thumbnail
Traversoholic thumbnail
7B Boulder at Top Terrace
Lagarto Armadillo thumbnail
Chai tea thumbnail
Chai tea
7B+ Boulder at Top Terrace
The end thumbnail
The end
8A Boulder at Top Terrace
Baboon jump thumbnail
Baboon jump
7A Boulder at Top Terrace
Crimpaholic thumbnail
7B+ Boulder at Top Terrace
Crimpaphobic thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Top Terrace
Mongoose roof  thumbnail
Cirro nimbo thumbnail
Cirro nimbo
7B Boulder at Cirro nimbo
Meantime thumbnail
7C Boulder at Cirro nimbo
Haste thumbnail
6A Boulder at Haste
Haste direct thumbnail
Haste direct
6B Boulder at Haste
Bar Exam thumbnail
Bar Exam
7A+ Boulder at Haste
The not so great wall of Rocklands thumbnail
Orange Gutan thumbnail
Orange Gutan
7B Boulder at The Complu
Tactile Traverse thumbnail
Nancy's tearoom thumbnail
Peanut Butter thumbnail
Heaven's Door thumbnail
Dynosaur thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Georgette Boulder
Thys thumbnail
7A Boulder at Relax
Relax thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Relax
Wifi Pillar thumbnail
Wifi Pillar
7C+ Boulder at Bubble Rock
Bubbelicious thumbnail
7A Boulder at Bubble Rock
Prow Bubble thumbnail
Prow Bubble
6B Boulder at Bubble Rock
Joderios thumbnail
8A Boulder at Joderios Boulder
Joderios left thumbnail
Looking for a Signal thumbnail
Joderios traverse left thumbnail
Joderios traverse direct thumbnail
Eland Pot thumbnail
Eland Pot
6A Boulder at Joderios Boulder
Question mark thumbnail
Question mark
? Boulder at QSO Not ok
Question mark thumbnail
Question mark
? Boulder at QSO Not ok
Orange roof  thumbnail
Orange roof
6B+ Boulder at Boulder O
Game 1 thumbnail
Game 1
6B+ Boulder at Boulder O
Miguel's double Dyno  thumbnail
Game 2 thumbnail
Game 2
6B+ Boulder at Boulder O
Game 3 thumbnail
Game 3
6B Boulder at Boulder O
Warmup 4 thumbnail
Warmup 4
4 Boulder at Boulder O
Warmup 3 thumbnail
Warmup 3
4 Boulder at Boulder O
Warmup 2 thumbnail
Warmup 2
4 Boulder at Boulder O
Warmup 1 thumbnail
Warmup 1
4 Boulder at Boulder O
Who is Ryan?  thumbnail
Ryan was here first  thumbnail
Mr. Beaujet  thumbnail
Mr. Beaujet
7A Boulder at Boulder Q
Misses Beaujet  thumbnail
Misses Beaujet
7B Boulder at Boulder Q
Mattias Didn't See It thumbnail
No topo image available
Low Hanging Fruit thumbnail
Supernova thumbnail
8A+ Boulder at Georgette Boulder
Roman nose thumbnail
Roman nose
7B Boulder at Heaven's Door
Dragon kan thumbnail
Dragon kan
6C Boulder at Ivan's Roof
Port Aveature thumbnail
Port Aveature
7A Boulder at Ivan's Roof
Bernd's roof thumbnail
Bernd's roof
8A+ Boulder at Ivan's Roof
Daddy Uray thumbnail
Daddy Uray
6A+ Boulder at Tiger Claw
Western Black thumbnail
Western Black
6A+ Boulder at Western Black
Real life Homer Simpson thumbnail
El Bucanero thumbnail
Revenge thumbnail
6A Boulder at Pardon my French
Don't trust the locals thumbnail
Crashpad thief thumbnail
Kukumakranka thumbnail
7A Boulder at Kukumakranka
Black label light thumbnail
Ham dunk thumbnail
Ham dunk
7C Boulder at Marc's Dyno
Into the Void thumbnail
The Outer Limits thumbnail
Georgette Right stand thumbnail
Krokodil thumbnail
6A Boulder at Crocodile
Forcefully inserted thumbnail

The area is access sensitive!

Access: Permit required!

Drive: From Travellers Rest, drive towards Clanwillian for a couple of Km's and enter the gate before the road turns right up between the cliffs.

1. Follow the track to the boulders in the field. Please park so others can too!
2. Antenna Boulders: (only 4 x4 vehicles) drive as for Eland but continue on and take the right fork and park at the end of the road.
3. Upper Sectors: park at the entrance to Powerlines & 8 Day Rain.

1. The sector starts directly at the parking.
2. Follow the bike track to the boulders.
3. Follow the trail along the tea fields then cross the field and continue follows the cairn down to the boulders.