A diverse sector with high quality boulders spread out over the field and cliff lines above.


In 2005 Patrice Ullman started exploring these boulders.
Two years later with the arrival of Ivan Luengo and friends that the area really started to be developed.


The area is access sensitive!

Access: Permit required!

Drive: From Travellers Rest, drive towards Clanwillian for a couple of Km's and enter the gate before the road turns right up between the cliffs.

1. Follow the track to the boulders in the field. Please park so others can too!
2. Antenna Boulders: (only 4 x4 vehicles) drive as for Eland but continue on and take the right fork and park at the end of the road.
3. Upper Sectors: park at the entrance to Powerlines & 8 Day Rain.

1. The sector starts directly at the parking.
2. Follow the bike track to the boulders.
3. Follow the trail along the tea fields then cross the field and continue follows the cairn down to the boulders.