The bouldering at Nærsnes is mainly on smaller walls and detached blocks around the east-facing hillside along Oslofjorden. The stone consists Røykengranitt, which can be described as a light grey and somewhat more grainy version of Drammensgranitt. Much of the bouldering takes place in partly open mixed forests which maintains a nice cool temperature on warm summer evenings. On the small walls in Svasiland you can really test out your slab skills at different levels. At the top of the hill the Svanen wall stands magestic overlooking the fjord. Svanen offers some of the finest and hardest slab action in the area, a real slab testpiece.

Flådda is a favourite close-by destination along Kyststien with great views over Oslofjorden. Here, there are also good opportunities for a little bit of bouldering for children. Also the Push wall is right by Flådda, a wall that offers some really nice gems. If you want some steeper action just follow the hillside further south to the Orbital stone.

At the end of the session a bath at Ellefen, the public beach at the northern most point of the Nærsnes peninsula, can be recommended.

All projects are open unless it is stated otherwise. If you open something, please report through 27 Crags. And as some of the boulders seldom gets repeated, it can be å good idea to bring a steel brush just in case.

Please keep a low profile, leave no traces, remove tickmarks, don't play music, enjoy!


Crag was discovered by Jørgen Bryn Henriksen in 2012 and has been under sporadic development ever since.