No special access issues

From Oslo, take the E18 west. Then at Holmen follow Rv165 towards Slemmestad. From Drammen follow Rv134 towards Drøbak, take off on Fv165 at Midtbygda in Røyken and continue towards Slemmestad. From Slemmestad, follow Fv8 towards Nærsnes. When yopu reach Nærsnes, continue a short distance past the Joker and park along the road just south of the entrance to Bråtaløkka.

From the parking you can enter Bråtaløkka, turn left onto Gartnerveien and follow the lower road arm to the end. Then you continue on the path inwards approx. 200m before pulling up the slope from the trail to get to Svasiland. To get to Flådda it is easiest to follow Kyststien.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email