Routes on Filtvet

66 boulder

We like Filtvet

I'm sure that I come to visit this area many times the next years. Especcally the bølgveggen has fantastic rock quality.
Cool little forest
Fun climbing in great surroundings

Activities on this crag


The area is access sensitive!

At the western portal of Oslofjordtunnelen (E134), take off on Fv281 towards Filtvet. Pass through the center of Filtvet and park in the parking lot at Filtvet Church. The sector Parkeringen is located, as the name says right next to the parking.

To get to the sectors Agdeåsen south and Bølgeveggen one goes through the cemetery and onto the path in the forest on the opposite side (NB: show consideration and do not step on graves!). To get to Bølgeveggen, take off the path after about 150m and go down the small slope from the saddle point on the small hill to the left. After that, follow the bottom of the small hill about 50m south until you reach the wall on your right. To get to Agdeåsen syd, take the trail after about 75m and go up the hill below the power line. Follow the top of the hill to the south until you reach a camp site (with a great view). Then continue down the ridge to the sector at the bottom of the ridge.