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great pocket climbs in lower mid range

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Climbing has been limited!

Please leave the forest one hour before sunset due to wild life.

This crag is located between the small villages "Münchs" and "Stierberg", 2 km west of "Betzenstein".
The easiest Approach is via Motorway A 9. Take exit #46 and drive to "Betzenstein". Drive almost through "Betzenstein" and turn left onto "Stierberger Straße" next to the sports field. You reach "Stierberg", turn left in the middle of the village towards "Münchs". 340 meters before you enter the village "Münchs" park to your right at the parking where the forest ends to your right next to the street.


Stierberger Gemsenwand:
Go back the road towards "Stierberg" for 320 meters. Turn left onto a forest road. After further 100 meters there's a foot path to your left leading to the crag.

Stierberger Nordwand:
Go back the road towards "Stierberg" for 320 meters. Turn left onto a forest road and follow that road for about 180 meters. You pass the base of "Stierberger Gemsenwand", then spot for the lowest section of the ridge. There's an unclear footpath crossing the ridge. Keep slightly right after you've passed the ridge, then you'll get to the very right section of the sector.

For all further sectors take the forest road into the forest up north (right to you, facing "Münchs"). Turn right immediately after you've entered the forest and follow the forest road up the hill for 100 meters.
From here: ->

Langer Berg Wände:
Turn left and get onto the hiking trail that is just 10 meters parallel behind to the forest road you get onto.
Follow that hiking trail. After 250 meters you'll pass the first sector (Heuler). Go ahead the hiking trail and you'll pass the next sectors (Smilla & Hyde). Last sector is after 670 meters.

Münchser Wand:
This sector is just in front of you slightly to your right.

Go to "Münchser Wand" and follow the crag's base to the left. Stay close to the rocks, otherwise you'll get lost between the young trees. You'll reach the sector after 180 meters.