No special access issues

The climbing is in Traveller's Rest Restaurant and Accommodation owner's property. They would welcome you to stay at the accommodation, and use the restaurant but climbing is encouraged - and they contributed to bolting costs too.

They have been fantastic at opening the crag up to the climbing community, and other bouldering areas such as Danger Zone nearby are on their property too. Go and support their excellent restaurant; for coffees and breakfasts, lunches, beers and wine, and a central hang-out in climbing season for some scene...

The walk-in is flat through open scrub on clearly marked single track path, and about 10-15 mins from parking.

To get here, drive to Traveller's Rest restaurant taking the turnoff to this as if to visit; ignore the restaurant on your left and drive along the jeep track past both groups of Traveller's Rest cottages (accommodation for rent to climbers) right to the dead-end at the river around the corner, about 3.8km. Park out of the way on the sand turning area.

Look for the open water duct on your right, and follow this for 10-20m until the cairns and follow these along the waterduct and then right of the river staying on the contour.

The main wall will appear on your right as you round the corner; being RIGHT side of the river as you are RIGHT side of the river on the path.

The main Photo shows the different sectors of the Crag; Left side is gained from the Mai Wall; Upper Left Side is gained by scrambling up tending leftwards between Main Crag and Left Side.

To get to Baby Ward sector, take a cairned path 150m BEFORE the Main Crag tending up and gain the upper ledges above the Main Wall, careful of the drops.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email