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49 boulder

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Mia Ekholm • over 3 years ago
Hyvä paikka aloittelijalle ja kokeneemmallekin määrän kiipeämiseen. Mukavia reittejä, vaikka ovatkin enimmäkseen 4-6A ja kivi on ihanan karheaa!
Mikael Uponen • almost 2 years ago
Great rockquality, mostly gneiss, great place for a beginners. Also fun to just do a lot of easy stuff with quite a massive amount of nice features
Miika Karppinen • almost 7 years ago
Stone quality is great but the place seems pretty undeveloped at the moment. Vertical and overhanging routes with good, decent and bad landings. Routes on the easier side but the overhang might have a couple more challenging routes, too.

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