A deep valley that extends from Pazin to the sea, ends with a 12 km deep fjord-shaped gulf. The name probably derives from ancient times when at that very place a border – limes – divided territories of Pula and Poreč. Nowadays, it is a popular tourist resort, which is especially attractive to seafood lovers. At the very end of the channel, just above the road, there is a rock that cannot be overlooked.

Most routes are located in a firm, grey or reddish slabs, cracks and smaller roofs are also present. The older routes are under a process of gradual rebolting. Caution in the Gavranik sector!

☀️ Best season to visit is autumn, winter and spring. Summer is usually too hot to climb. As the main tourism season is summer, usually the roads close to the crags stay rather calm during climbing season. During summer, after 17:00 hrs, cliffs are in the shadow. The Horoskop sector is sunny the whole day, and the Krugi sector is in the shadow only in the morning.

👶 Krugi is the most suitable sector for families with kids. Gavranik also works but there's a road just next to the cliff. Some loose bolting has been reported on this area in April 2018. Please pay attention.

⛺Accommodation: Numerous hotels and campsites in the vicinity of Rovinj (Monsena, Polari); climbing camp Dvigrad (


First routes were established during 1995. Thanks to Doriano Perhat, a climber from Rovinj, several new routes have been created