No special access issues

The different sectors are spread over an area of few kilometers and there's multiple parkings where you can reach the crags. The parkings are marked to the map. The approach times are between 2-10min.
🚗 Gavranik
From the Istrian Motorway take the exit for Rovinj. In village Brajkovići join the old road to Vrsar and Limski kanal. After you rich the bay, the Sector A is easily visible from the road.
Leave the car on left side road that leads to the very bottom of the bay.
🚗 Horoskop / Krugi
For other crags continue towards Vrsar, pass the road branching for Sveti Lovreč and after 300 meters park the car on left side of the road.
From here follow the descending trail to the sectors B and C.
🚗 Kloštar / Šimije
For the sectors D and E continue to Kloštar from where divert to a dirt road. Further as shown on the map.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email