Kasviken is a forested with a long wall, several large boulders and many smaller rocks. Overall, the difficulty is highly varied with quality routes between grades 5 to 8A. In general, the rock quality is very good and landings are smooth.

Unfortunately there are no proper parking places along the road passing in front of the area. There have been numerous problems with people blocking access to the neighboring fields. If all good spots are reserved, the best option is to drive your car a bit further along the road and park carefully to one of the wider spots.

In all cases, please make extra sure that your car does not block the road, or access to the fields. During most busy days, this might mean that you have to change plans and head to an other area.

The most popular easier routes in Kasviken are the high and scary Vittu Saatana Perkele 6C, powerful Angel 6B+ and excellent 6A traverses at Welcome block. Many harder excellent quality problems (Dodo 7C/8A+, Mongooli 8A, Pop the Glock 7B+ just to name few) are in the area around the Dodo boulder. There are also many other hard routes at Kasviken that are highly regarded.

The area is worth shopping around and finding lines that you've walked past many times.


The area is access sensitive!

Use some sense when parking! Not many cars fit in the parking place.

If all parking places are full, drive 500m - 1km longer along the way. There are several parking spots more.

Do not block access to the fields! More information is available at SKIL's access blog.