Large climbing area consisting of seven different crags along the same river bed. Most popular sectors are sector 1, 2 & 3 in the southernmost end of the area. There are many fully bolted routes but also many trad routes.

In summertime the area is shady and, thus, very suitable for those warm and dry spells. Some of the routes can seep for some time but many routes are fast drying, too.

There is a parking on both ends of the area, south parking and north parking. Best biking option is from Kauklahti train station to south parking (10,3 km / 45 min).


Kakarsberget used to be an old winter crag with all the turf. The first routes date back to that era in the 1990's.

Second development burst started in early 21st century and during the next decade many routes got their cleanup and first ascent.

Kakarsberget, Kauhala

The area is access sensitive!

Pohjois- ja eteläsektorin välistä yksityistietä ei saa käyttää.


Private road connecting south and north sectors is not in public use.