L'O Mineral / Orange start
Surplomb de la Coquille
Jambe de Bois
Le Solitaire
Yellow PD-
Yellow pd+
Jambe de Bois thumbnail
Surplomb de la Coquille thumbnail
Surplomb de la Coquille assis thumbnail
Les Araignées du Mars thumbnail
Millenium thumbnail
8A Boulder at Millenium
Mur Lombard thumbnail
Mur Lombard
7A+ Boulder at Mur Lombard
Ah, Plus Facile! thumbnail
Lapin ou Canard thumbnail
Deux Faux Plis en Plats Réels thumbnail
Light Woman gauche thumbnail
Pulpfriction (Gauche) thumbnail
Pulpfriction debout thumbnail
Metropolis thumbnail
7C Boulder at Millenium
L'O minéral assis thumbnail
La mort suspendue thumbnail
Metromotrice thumbnail
7B+ Boulder at Millenium
Jolie Môme thumbnail
la Fissurrette thumbnail
la Corbeille thumbnail
la Corbeille
5+ Boulder at Orange 27
le Cyclope thumbnail
le Cyclope
5 Boulder at Le Cyclope
Matière d'Œuvre thumbnail
Tabac Froid thumbnail
Tabac Froid
5+ Boulder at Pulpfriction
Pulpfriction debout (with pedestal) thumbnail
Surplomb de la coquille assis (gauche) thumbnail
Orange circuit Hautes-Plaines thumbnail
Cœur Bondissant thumbnail
No topo image available
No topo image available
Pox - Orange 31 thumbnail
No topo image available
Le Solitaire thumbnail
Surplomb de la Coquille direct thumbnail
Le Grain de Beauté thumbnail
Petit fun - Orange 13 thumbnail
Dalle tactical - Orange 14 thumbnail
Trix - Orange 15 thumbnail
Mur de potato thumbnail
Tom et Géry thumbnail
Bossanova thumbnail
6C Boulder at Bossanova
Black Hole Sun thumbnail
Black Hole Sun
6C Boulder at Yellow 21
Georges Zip thumbnail
Georges Zip
7A Boulder at Mort Suspendue
Le Solitaire Décu thumbnail
No topo image available
6C Boulder at Yellow 16
Haute Torsion thumbnail
Haute Torsion
7A Boulder at Orange 33
Surplomb du Torsion thumbnail
Les Gaillands thumbnail
Les Gaillands
3+ Boulder at Orange 28-31
Mur Vallorcine thumbnail
Arete des Montets - Orange 28 thumbnail
No topo image available
L'Arête Miss Terre
6C+ Boulder
De Millenium à Métropolis thumbnail
Mille thumbnail
7C Boulder at Millenium
L'O Mineral thumbnail
L'O Mineral
7A+ Boulder at l'O Minéral
L'Âge d'Or Assis thumbnail
L'Âge d'Or Assis
7B+ Boulder at l'Age d'Or
L'Âge d'Or thumbnail
L'Âge d'Or
7B Boulder at l'Age d'Or
Bloc.Fr thumbnail
7B Boulder at
Bossanovabrasil thumbnail
7B+ Boulder at Bossanova
Le Surplomb de la Coquine thumbnail
Le Surplomb de la Coquinette thumbnail
Le Surplomb de la Coquinette (gauche) thumbnail
Yodakov thumbnail
7B Boulder at Yodakov
Polovsky thumbnail
6B+ Boulder at Yodakov
La directe de Polovsky thumbnail
Exiguïté thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Exiguité
Flach thumbnail
7A+ Boulder at Yellow 20
Haute Torsion (retour-aller) thumbnail
Pulpfriction thumbnail
7B Boulder at Pulpfriction
Boom thumbnail
7A Boulder at Miss Dynamite
Miss Dynamite thumbnail
Miss Dynamite
7A+ Boulder at Miss Dynamite
Light Woman thumbnail
Light Woman
7A Boulder at Light Woman
Doc' Jul Ya thumbnail
Doc' Jul Ya
7A Boulder at Doc' Jul
Doc Jul thumbnail
Doc Jul
6B+ Boulder at Doc' Jul
L'Arête de la Coquille thumbnail
No topo image available
No topo image available
7A Boulder at Orange 33
Trou Noir thumbnail
Trou Noir
7A Boulder at Yellow 21
Raise on the flop (direct) thumbnail
Croc en Jambe thumbnail
Gramaëlov thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Yodakov
Kamasuska thumbnail
6C+ Boulder at Doc' Jul
Kamasuskatov thumbnail
6C Boulder at Doc' Jul
Le Bis-Cuit thumbnail
Le Bis-Cuit
6C Boulder at l'Age d'Or
Le Mur thumbnail
Le Mur
6C Boulder at Orange 28-31
No topo image available
6C Boulder at Yellow 20
No topo image available
Jeu de Mains
6A Boulder at Yellow 20
La Langue thumbnail
La Langue
6B+ Boulder at Exiguité
Cœur Léger thumbnail
Cœur Léger
6B+ Boulder at Light Woman
Kerguellen thumbnail
6B Boulder at orange 17
L'Arête de Gauche thumbnail
No topo image available
6B Boulder at Orange 33
La Traversée des Plats Réels thumbnail
La Traversée du Bouleau thumbnail
Mise en Croix thumbnail
Névralgie thumbnail
5+ Boulder at Névralgie
Dalle le cyclope - Orange 25 thumbnail
Depart - Orange 1 thumbnail
Depart - Orange 1
3+ Boulder at orange 1
Compresión - Orange 2 thumbnail
Orange 3 thumbnail
Orange 3
3+ Boulder at orange 3
L'Expo dalle thumbnail
L'Expo dalle
3+ Boulder at l'O Minéral
Evolución - Orange 4 thumbnail
Tipi - Orange 5b thumbnail
No panic - Orange 6 thumbnail
Traversée de L'Or - Orange 7 thumbnail
Fissure de L'Or - Orange 8 thumbnail
Mur de L'Or - Orange 9 thumbnail
Dalle de L'Or - Orange 10 thumbnail
Talon ou Jéte? - Orange 11 thumbnail
Le pyramid - Orange 12 thumbnail
L'Arete Fantastico thumbnail
Vendeta - Orange 18 thumbnail
Jus de Jeu - Orange 18b thumbnail
Dalle Fissure - Orange 19 thumbnail
Nombril - Orange 20 thumbnail
Double Selle - Orange 21 thumbnail
Nouvel An - Orange 22 thumbnail
Oú aller - Orange 23 thumbnail
Renflement - Orange 24 thumbnail
Le Bis - Orange 26 thumbnail
À côté de la fissure - Orange 27 thumbnail
Dalle le plus dur  - Orange 32 thumbnail
La magie - Orange 34 thumbnail
La Bouleau - Orange 35 thumbnail
La Bouleau Droite- Orange 36 thumbnail
Dernière déclaration - Orange 37 thumbnail
Orange 18bb thumbnail
Orange 18bb
4 Boulder at Orange 18
Question 🙋  thumbnail
Couronne de Mousse thumbnail
Yellow Depart  thumbnail
Yellow PD- 1 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 1
3 Boulder at Yellow PD- 1
Yellow PD- 2 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 2
3 Boulder at Yellow PD- 2
Yellow PD- 3 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 3
3 Boulder at Yellow PD- 3
Yellow PD- 4 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 4
3 Boulder at Yellow PD- 4
Yellow PD- 5 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 5
3 Boulder at Yellow PD- 5
Yellow PD- 6 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 6
3 Boulder at Yellow PD- 6
Yellow PD- 7 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 7
3 Boulder at Yellow PD- 7
Yellow PD- 8 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 8
3 Boulder at Yellow PD- 8
Yellow PD- 9 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 9
3 Boulder at Yellow PD- 9
Yellow PD- 10 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 11 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 12 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 13 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 14 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 15 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 16 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 17 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 18 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 19 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 20 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 21 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 22 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 22
3 Boulder at Bossanova
Yellow PD- 23 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 24 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 25 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 26 thumbnail
Yellow PD- 27 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 1 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 1bis thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 3 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 2 thumbnail
La Pagaille thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 7 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 5 thumbnail
Orange 38 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 5bis thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 4 thumbnail
Ambidextre thumbnail
7C Boulder at Ambidextre
Ambidextre (droite) thumbnail
Le Bip-Bip thumbnail
Le Bip-Bip
3 Boulder at Yellow PD+ 8
Le Hérisson thumbnail
Le Hérisson
3 Boulder at Yellow PD+ 8
Yellow PD+ 10 thumbnail
La Question thumbnail
La Question
3 Boulder at Yellow PD+ 11
Yellow PD+ 12 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 13 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 14 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 14
3 Boulder at Yellow 14
Yellow PD+ 17 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 17
3 Boulder at Orange 34
Yellow PD+ 15 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 15
3 Boulder at Yellow 14
Yellow PD+ 16 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 18 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 18
3 Boulder at Orange 33
Yellow PD+ 19 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 20 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 21 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 22 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 22
3 Boulder at l'Age d'Or
Yellow PD+ 30 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 30
3 Boulder at l'Age d'Or
Yellow PD+ 31 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 31
3 Boulder at Orange 27
Yellow PD+ 23 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 24 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 25 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 25bis thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 26 thumbnail
Orange 25 thumbnail
Orange 25
3 Boulder at Yellow PD+ 26
Yellow PD+ 27 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 27
3 Boulder at Orange 23
Yellow PD+ 28 thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 28bis thumbnail
Yellow PD+ 29 thumbnail
No topo image available
Yellow 13 H-P thumbnail
Yellow 13 H-P
3 Boulder at Yellow 13
Deux Faux Plis en Plat Réel thumbnail
No topo image available
Orange 7 b
4 Boulder at orange 7
No topo image available
No topo image available
Orange 20 b
5+ Boulder at Orange 20
Franchard Hautes-Plaines

Climbing has been limited!

Park on big parking of isatis. Easiest access is to either walk straight through Isatis (next to Cannonball) or take Route de Loup and you will get straight into the east side of the area.