So close, so quiet, so good. Hautes-Plaines has many classic lines and is situated just a throw away from Isatis. Instead of walking up Isatis, just walk straight pass Cannonball towards the next hill and you're there.
Hautes-Plaines has a huge amount of 7's and an awesome orange circuit, which we have included with pictures in this Premium guide. Don't let the orange color fool you, might surprise with some tricky boulders on the way.

Some of the classics around would be:
La Corbeille 5+
Le Surplomb de la Coquille 6C (with it's many different variants)
Lapin ou Canard 7A
Le Mur Lombard 7A/+
Yodakov 7B 7B
Deux Faux Plis en Plats Réels 7B+/C
Millenium 8A

So probably there is something for everyone. The approach is less than 5 minutes so go and have fun and climb some quality lines with some of the best rockquality in font.

Franchard Hautes-Plaines

Climbing has been limited!

Park on big parking of isatis. Easiest access is to either walk straight through Isatis (next to Cannonball) or take Route de Loup and you will get straight into the east side of the area.