All boulders are situated near the river, they are connected by clear paths and the bases are usually clean and flat. The most interesting sectors are Giardino and Ponte, they are also very easy to reach. They have beautiful lines, all situated near one another and mainly overhanging, the holds are mainly notches and you will need to have a rather athletic climbing style. These sites are also very easy to find and the area is suitable for non-climbers too. The Giardino has a small lake with a waterfall nearby, and during the summer it’s possible to take a bath there. The Agriturismo and Restaurant nearby has local products and is just a few seconds away. Giardino basso, Oasi, Atlantide and Ponte require a stronger brush to remove the moss. Onam and Giardino are situated in a higher area, they have better conditions and are cleaner. on the right, immediately before the parking area for Giardino (alto and basso) there’s a big pic nic area, in front of the agriturismo.

Ideal period:
Winter. Avoid summer due to high humidity. It’s possible to climb in the sectors Giardino, Anam and Ponte even in the hot season. Sunlight in the morning.

Rock type:
The higher boulders (far from the river) have good friction, the ones nearest the river are smoother. Avoid wet days since the whole area is near the river.

Giardino, Anam, Ponte and Oasi are suitable for children, the other sites are not.
The building situated in the middle of the area is the agriturismo and restaurant “ La Fonda”
(tel. 019-918201)