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Leave Varazze and continue along the main road for 300m, turn right after the petrol station and go toward Faie, continue for 5km and reach a fork. Turn right toward “Eremo del deserto” and continue for 5,650 km, then turn right following the signs for Eremo del deserto (there’s another sign reading “Benvenuti nel Parco del Beigua”). Go down along the other valley, reach the agriturismo and park the car 100m after the building, on the left before the bridge. Giardino and Giardino basso can be easily reached from here. -

Giardino: take the clear path along the river and reach the bouldering site near the lake with the waterfall.

- Giardino Basso: from the same parking area go back 50m, go down to the left along the short path reaching the first lines near the river. Alternatively you can reach the picnic area and then the small wooden fountain, turn left along the path, there are two fixed ropes at the end leading to the river. See map.

- Ponte: 100m before the agriturismo park the car in the parking area next to the bridge, near the votive statue, the boulders are right in front of you.

- Atlantide: 100m before the agriturismo park the car in the parking area next to the bridgenear the votive statue. Follow the path going up to the left for 10’; the area is in the river, right beneath a yellow house on the right. See map.

- Anam: follow the same access you used for Atlantide, then cross the lake at the end of the area. Continue along the river following the main path, walk past the big pipe on the left and reach two big boulders on the right. From the parking area: 18’.

- Oasi by car: from the last deviation the sign “benvenuti nel parco del Beigua” drive down for 1,7km or go back 500m from the agriturismo, then take the narrow descending dirt road and reach the parking area. Go back a few metres, turn right into a clear path running along a big dilapidated stone wall, continue for a few metres and go down the second path reaching the river, after the big traverse “Guru power” that was already in sight before. From the parking area: 5’.


If you know about access issues in this area, please send us an email