Excalibur thumbnail
7A Boulder at Excalibur
Beatle Juice thumbnail
Beatle Juice
7A+ Boulder at Beatle Juice
Le Peau de Chagrin thumbnail
Le Peau de Chagrin
7C+ Boulder at Duel
La Chose thumbnail
La Chose
7C+ Boulder at La Chose
La Teigne (black #33) thumbnail
No topo image available
7B Boulder at Teigne
De Fil en Aiguille (black #30) thumbnail
Hale-Bopp thumbnail
7C Boulder at Hale-Bopp
Chatterton thumbnail
7C Boulder at Hale-Bopp
Orion thumbnail
7B Boulder at Hale-Bopp
La Mouche thumbnail
La Mouche
7B+ Boulder at La Mouche
La recreation thumbnail
La recreation
7A Boulder at Debonnaire
Moondance (black #8) thumbnail
Excalibur Droite thumbnail
Excalibur Droite
6C Boulder at Excalibur
La Descente Aux Enfers (black #4) thumbnail
Barbatruc (black #28) thumbnail
La Chataigne (black #32) thumbnail
Rastatouille thumbnail
7A Boulder at Rastatouille
Beatle Juice debout thumbnail
Gégé Doigts d´Acier thumbnail
No topo image available
Le Pommeau Rédempteur thumbnail
Le Réta Gluant thumbnail
Le Moaï thumbnail
Le Moaï
6B+ Boulder at Moai
La Chose assis thumbnail
La Chose assis
8A+ Boulder at La Chose
No topo image available
6A Boulder at Hale-Bopp
Preuve 'a Appui thumbnail
Da Moskitov thumbnail
Da Moskitov
6C Boulder at La Mouche
No topo image available
7B Boulder at Hale-Bopp
No topo image available
Semelle de Plomb
6A Boulder at Hale-Bopp
Duel (black #34, end of circuit) thumbnail
La Débonnaire thumbnail
La Débonnaire
7A+ Boulder at Debonnaire
Paris Chamonix thumbnail
La goutte au nez thumbnail
La goutte au nez
7C Boulder at Hale-Bopp
No topo image available
Jambon Volant, black 21 thumbnail
Le Gazometre (black #27) thumbnail
Le Thermometre (black #29) thumbnail
Mangouste (black #2) thumbnail
Lady of The Lake thumbnail
Lady of The Lake
7B Boulder at Excalibur
Santa Barbara (black #6) thumbnail
La Charognerie thumbnail
La Charognerie
6C+ Boulder at Rastatouille
Le Merluchet (black #7) thumbnail
Blocage Mental (black #9) thumbnail
Le Pommeau Redempteur (black #10) thumbnail
Little Big Gueule (black #11) thumbnail
Tartiflette thumbnail
6A Boulder at Moondance
Poetic Champion Traverse (black #19b) thumbnail
Erik le Rouge thumbnail
Le Ketil (black #16) thumbnail
Chimpanzodrome (black #24) thumbnail
La Cochonnaille (black #20) thumbnail
Miss Marbre thumbnail
Miss Marbre
7A+ Boulder at Miss Marbre
Tirer en l'Air thumbnail
Célébrité et Reconnaissance thumbnail
Fou Rire thumbnail
Fou Rire
8B+ Boulder at Fou Rire
Main Courante thumbnail
Rataplat thumbnail
6B Boulder at Teigne
Boulder problem #4 thumbnail
Boulder problem #4
? Boulder at Teigne
Misere thumbnail
6C Boulder at Paris Chamonix
No Teacher, No Guru, No Method thumbnail
Mosquito Coast thumbnail
Le Bloc a Bacchus (black #25) thumbnail
Trois Hommes et un Coup Fin (black #26) thumbnail
Evidence thumbnail
Les Visiteurs thumbnail
Solaris thumbnail
La Jolie Bouse (black #31) thumbnail
Duel (direct) thumbnail
Duel (direct)
8A+ Boulder at Duel
Hale-Bopp (assis) thumbnail
No topo image available
No topo image available
7A Boulder at Hale-Bopp
Frank Reta thumbnail
Frank Reta
7B Boulder at Hale-Bopp
Ciel Profond thumbnail
Ciel Profond
6C Boulder at Hale-Bopp
No topo image available
Wu tang gaughe
7A Boulder
Moon-Nigaud thumbnail
6A+ Boulder at Moondance
Midsummer Sloper thumbnail
Le Fleuret  thumbnail
Le Fleuret
? Boulder at Duel
La Traversée d'Excalibur thumbnail
Orion assis thumbnail
Orion assis
8A Boulder at Hale-Bopp
Poetic Champion Traverse (par le bas)  thumbnail
Boulevard thumbnail
5 Boulder at Hale-Bopp
Vide-Ordures thumbnail
5 Boulder at Réta Gluant
Eifel thumbnail
6C Boulder at Eifel
Eifel gauche thumbnail
Eifel gauche
7A+ Boulder at Eifel
Eifel assis thumbnail
Eifel assis
7A Boulder at Eifel
Le Mur Eifel (en traversée) thumbnail
Le Mur Eifel thumbnail
Le Mur Eifel
6B Boulder at Eifel
Le Lombrical thumbnail
Le Lombrical
6A+ Boulder at Thermometre
La Moquette thumbnail
La Moquette
? Boulder at Barbatruc
Calé le Caribou thumbnail
Chimpanzodrome (retour) thumbnail
Voûte Céleste thumbnail
Voûte Céleste
7A Boulder at Hale-Bopp
Santig Du thumbnail
Santig Du
6C Boulder at Moai
Bellissima thumbnail
7A Boulder at Hale-Bopp
Cédez le Passage thumbnail
Cédez le Passage
7B+ Boulder at Hale-Bopp
C'est Dur le Matin thumbnail
C'est Dur le Matin direct thumbnail
C'est Dur le Matin (droite) thumbnail
Jambon Fumé thumbnail
Jambon Fumé
7A Boulder at Cochonnaille
Le Troufion Orque thumbnail
Le Troufion Orque droite thumbnail
Le Mur Paumé thumbnail
Le Mur Paumé
7A+ Boulder at Le Mur Paumé
Angle d'Attaque thumbnail
Angle d'Attaque
7A+ Boulder at Hale-Bopp
Yellow Fever thumbnail
Tricotage thumbnail
7C Boulder at Fil en Aiguille
Cuisinière Crête Sud

Climbing has been limited!

Temporary Closure of Franchard Isatis
The acces to Franchard Isatis sites and climbing sites will be closed from the 12th of August to the 23rd of September. The ONF is fixing the road.

No vehicles will be allowed along this road and in the parking area.
Thanks a lot for your understanding. For more information, see the article in La Tribune Libre de Bleau.