This sector is wrapping the Franchard Cuisiniere around from the west and south.

The reason for this sector being L-shaped is probably due the infamous Black ED+ -circuit which has 34 problems ranging from 6A to 7B+, but the Duel being the cherry on the cake. It's a 8A slab. What and ending to an awesome circuit. In 2017 Nalle Hukkataival climbed this circuit in a day climbing all other problems except Duel on first go (Duel went with 2nd).

Inspite of sector's relatively small number of routes, they have a lot of quality packed into them. Don't trust me? Go ahead, climb Excalibur, Beatle Juice, Moondance, La Mouche, Fil de Aguille, La Chose and we'll talk more.

Just kidding. This sector is well worth exploring.

Cuisinière Crête Sud

Climbing has been limited!

Temporary Closure of Franchard Isatis
The acces to Franchard Isatis sites and climbing sites will be closed from the 12th of August to the 23rd of September. The ONF is fixing the road.

No vehicles will be allowed along this road and in the parking area.
Thanks a lot for your understanding. For more information, see the article in La Tribune Libre de Bleau.