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We like Cañada del Capricho

Climb me to the moon! Very interesting rock and scenery. Feels bit unreal, like being the part of a scene from the beginning of Star Wars Episode IV. Beware the sand people! Climbing is bit odd and some routes are not the brightest ones, but you can still find great number of interesting and varying routes from slab to overhanging. One visiting Tenerife should definitely visit Capricho even once mostly because of the surrealistic and very photogenic environment. As it has been already stated, feels bit like climbing in the moon or the mars. Definitely worth of 1-1,5 hour drive. Recommended to arrive early in order to get a parking place (lot of tourist in the Park Center, not in the crag), but not too early since it can be extremely cold prior to sunrise. Prepare to climb first routes with numb fingers and pack you down jacket but also sun lotion especially in the winter! Relatively high altitude (2000 m) does it tricks :)
Weird, sharp rock. Never seen anything like that. Beautiful scenery. Felt like climbing on the moon.
Tosi upeita valokuvauksellisia reittejä/maisemia .

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