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Buzetski kanjon

The area is access sensitive!

From Buzet head towards Roč. Opposite the petrol station in Buzet turn right and keep right following direction to the Favorit brewery. Keep going until you reach the bridge over the river Mirna. Switch to the dirt road before the bridge for the crags Befana and Slap, and after the bridge for the crags Đoser and Pengari. Drive until you reach the road widening at the beginning of the canyon.
To approach the left canyon, with the crags Befana and Slap, follow a nice marked trail. For Like sector you need to cross the stream just before path is going uphill to Befana sector.
For the right canyon, the dirt road keeps going on. Just before the first water crossing turn right for the crag Đoser. To reach the crag Pengari continue on the dirt road until the next bridge. Just before the bridge, switch from the road to the small trail which leads to the crag.
The best option for the crag Zimski is to leave car in the village Selce (a road widening suitable for parking is at the entrance to the village). Pass the car mechanic and turn right onto a meadow. Look for a trail that cuts through the bushes and follow it until you reach a small via ferrata that descends to the bottom of the crag.