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The area is access sensitive!

Approach to all crags is from the town of Brseč.

🧗‍♀️ A-Belićev stup & B-Belićeva stijena
From the parking place in Brseč walk back (South) and down the first road to the left. After a few steps take the horizontal road (house access) to the right. At the end of the road follow a trail which is heading straight on. After a couple of meters a small footpath starts to the left and leads you down to overgrown ancient cultural land. Most of the time you have a stonewall to the right and the slope to the left. After passing by a prominent tree you’re just above the cliff Belićeva stijena. To get to the Stup you are heading further down, traverse the base of Belićeva stijena and scramble down to a small saddle. From the saddle a fixed rope and some iron holds will help you to the top of Stup.

🧗‍♀️ C - Podgrad
Turn right immediately behind the church, walk through a small private wine yard (Treat with respect! Keep the gate shut!) towards a rocky sloping grassland just below the village. Stay left! Before the terrain gets steeper, traverse to the left into a woody trench. Again, stay left and traverse to the right not before you are at the same level as the rock base and the routes of the right sector. To get to the left sector you must traverse further using a fixed rope (Attention! Alpine area).

🧗‍♀️ D - Šip
Half right behind the church starts a good footpath which leads downwards alongside old stonewalls. After a while the footpath becomes steeper and curves down towards the tongue of land called Šip. After the 7th hairpin bend you’ve a good view of Šip and the opposing small harbour of Peć. In the following hairpin bend a small “track” points straight ahead, first horizontal and then a few meters upwards to the edge of the cliff (abseil point Salty Dog, 60m, 3x20m). Two hairpin bends further you will reach the exit of Renata (slings, do not abseil!). Approximately 10m to the right (Ship by Šip is in between) is a small corner with the abseil point of Old Friendship which can be reached by climbing down (50m, 2x25m. The intermediate belay becomes visible very late!). There are two more abseil points left of Renata which can be seen in the topo (both 2x25m). Caution! All other routes have NO intermediate belay! Ideally you should use a 50m or 60m fixed rope (Salty Dog) when climbing those routes. When you are pulling down the rope don’t forget the obligate quickdraw otherwise your rope will take a bath.

🧗‍♀️ E - Sector Nad Križem:
Leave from Brseč towards Rijeka. After approx. 1.7 km, on the right side of a big left curve, will be a parking lot. From the parking lot continue on foot towards Rijeka for another 100 m – by the third road boundary stone turn right and descend the retaining wall. From here catch the trail that leads to the bottom of the crag which is located above a small cove.