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The area is access sensitive!

From Lovran (close to the petrol station) turn to Liganj and Lovranska Draga. Stay on this road for next 6.5 km. A little before Lovranska Draga, after a few sharp bends, leave the car on the left side widening (main road here turns right). There is the signpost for “Vila Oraj”. Parking GPS: N 45°27’71.34”, E 14°25’59.49.
IMPORTANT: Please park your car cca. 60m before the widening because main part is reserved for Mountain rescue and electric operators!
From the widening follow the descending narrow paved road until the next widening on the right. Here starts a descending trail that passes by the power lines. The trail is marked with stone piles. Follow it for 10 minutes to reach the sector A.
From here the trail continues to descend to fixed ropes that lead down to sektor B (after the fixes on the right) and C (after the fixes on the left).
To reach the sektor D, start from the sector A to the left (when you look down the valley) and follow the trail (fixed rope again). The sektor D is also available in another, direct variant. This approach starts on the paved road, passes the beginning of the first trail for about 100 meters and follows the second, wider and apparently more used trail that leads directly to the sektor D.
Sector Camp:
The sector behind the camp has a separate approach. Drive to the camp in Medveja and park beside the road before it (from the direction of Rijeka). Parking GPS:N 45°27’16.65”, E 14°26’98.71”
From here, there is a short path beside the camp fence to the wall.