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We like Berdorf

Very nice indeed! Only downside is that it tends to rain too often... Use of chalk is prohibited, but that does not actually make climbing any harder since sandstone is like sandpaper!
Berdorf... It's like Indoor sportclimbing, but outdoors, on real sandstone, in a beautifull forest and certainly way colder. The first impression is not overwhelming, it is not high, sometimes very crowded and generally lots of hiking tourists. But when you start touching the the rock and realize how perfect the quality is... u cant stop touching it:)
Nice sandstone hiding the heat of summer at shadows of the fairy forest.

Activities on this crag


Climbing has been limited!

Climbing in Berdorf is under big pressure.
Please be extremely careful, respect nature, stick to the trails and carry out more than just your own trash.
Brush your holds when coming down.

Climbing is only allowed in the indicated zones. No new routes are allowed. Trad climbing is not allowed.
The use of chalk should be kept to a minimum, so make sure to bring along a brush and brush the holds (and if there are any tickmarks) after climbing. It is also forbidden to top out on the plateaus as well as abseil down from the top (both from trees or (old) anchors).

Respect this place and leave it cleaner than you found it. Berdorf sees a huge pressure from both climbers and hikers, and the future of climbing in this fairy-forest is at stake.

Getting to Berdorf:
By Car:
Getting to Berdorf is easy by car. You can park on the North and South side, but we recommend to take the North parking as indicated on the map. The South parking is outside of one of the campings. You will also find the opportunity for an cold beer at the mini-golf bar here.
The North parking has a big picnic area and barbeque. Mind that camping here is forbidden

By public transportation:
From Luxembourg city, you can get to Berdorf by bus, which is relatively easy. Be prepared to change busses in Echternach or else where.