Sector with vertical and slabby routes. Left side routes have very good rock. 7th grade routes are good, but hard. Good to combine this sector with Culample4.

Superb 30m hight wall. Vertical and slightly overhanging routes with very good rock. Pure endurance routes. One can find here some of the best 7th grade routes of Margalef.

Curious sector in a magnificent place. Wide gorge with routes on both sides. Short 5th and 6th grade routes and a couple of 7th grade routes. Sector is full of small and beautiful tufas, which are impossible to find elsewhere in Margalef.

Racó de l'heura:
New vertical and technical sector with few overhanging routes. Good belay area for children.

Although with only a few routes, it’s one of the best sectors for those who are looking for very hard, long and endurance routes. Long and very steep 8th grade routes, full of tufas and good holds. In the center of the wall, one can find incredibly long and steep 9th grade routes.

Excellent sector in a magnificent place. Very long, vertical and technical routes, with very good rock. The cliff base is a good but very narrow ledge. Not suitable for kids.

La Planxa:
Impressive and aesthetic wall, full of tufas, with only 3 very hard routes. The recommended route to reach the sector is «La de subir». Good but narrow cliff base.
Top Mantel:
Short and bouldery sector with tufas and a curious slab ending.
Best season: Winter sun all day. Except in December and January, when shade enters at 14:00h.
From April to September the sun goes very high, and the sector remains at the shade until 15:00h.

New and small sector with two different areas. On the right wall you will find long 7th grade routes, slightly overhanging, with probably the best rock in Margalef. On the left side of the sector there is very steep wall with a lot of possibilities for bolting, although so far with only one hard project. Despite the approach, which is one of the longest in Margalef (25min.), it is well worth a visit.
From Culample4, cross the entire sector until its left side and continue the path, that turns slowly to the right. After 100m going up, the path goes straight for 300m. Then, the path turns to the left and goes under a big rock balloon. After 50m, when the path starts to go up again, just before the biggest tree that we see, turn right onto another path and walk a further 150m. 30 meters before arriving to a big dangerous fall, turn left and see the left part of the sector. Approach is easy, but very exposed in the last part. The cliff base is good, but not suitable for kids.

Very good sector. Although the approach is the longest one in Margalef, it deserves a visit. Steep routes with good holds on athletic routes, where a lot of endurance is needed. Perfect for summer. Very shady and windy.

La Cathedral:
Unmissable sector. Probably the best sector in Margalef to climb very long and endurance 8th grade routes. On the left side of the sector, steep routes with good holds on an impressive cliff base can be found (the cliff base is 30m high). On the central part of the sector, there are slightly steep routes on a 40m wall. On the right side of the sector, climb the only «easy» routes of the sector, which are shorter (20m) and steeper routes with very different holds (tufas, crimps and only few pockets).
To access the ledge to climb routes 1-8, you must climb the first part of Hard Crit and walk to the left.

Small but excellent sector where one can find routes without pockets but full of tufas and good holds. Overhanging wall with difficult and steep routes.

Small sector but with possibilities for bolting new routes. Long and vertical wall. Sharp pockets on very technical routes, with excellent rock. Cliff base is good, but narrow. Climbing is possible during all year.

Can Regino:
Very good sector with long and vertical routes. Excellent rock. Almost all the routes are in the 6th grade. Climbing is possible throughout the whole year. Combine it with Can Dit Gros and Can Dit Xic, both with 7th grade routes.

Can dit Gros:
Excellent 7th grade sector with two different kind of routes. On the right side of the sector routes are long, vertical and sustained; whereas on the left side routes are shorter and steeper power-endurance. Very good cliff base. Combine it with Can Regino (6th grade) and Can Dit Xic (7th grade).

Can dit Xic:
Good sector with variety of styles. Vertical routes, slightly overhang routes, and some technical dihedrals can be found here. Cliff base is quite comfortable. Combine it with Can Dit Gros (7th grade) and Can Regino (6th grade).