Herman 1 / 1
  • 2002. Unusual route on the sloping shelf under the overhang, looks much more complicated than it really is. Bolted by Ofer Blutrich.
  • 2003. Classics in this sector! Despite its compact size, versatile route with impressive steps for its grade. Bolted by Felix Shlomovich.
  • 2003. Taking bolts from Blade you can go to the left not using right crack... The more logical finish and although you need to ignore the crack it's more enjoyable.
  • 2003. Only two or three solid steps, the rest is trivial. So, it's very soft for the grade. Bolted by Felix Shlomovich
  • 2003. Strange route. It get the feeling that the climb is always goes wrong. Bolted by Felix Shlomovich.
  • By not running away to the left, you are adding difficulty in slippery blank corner. The route for the techies.
  • 2003. Not as smooth as in the title, but you will not find jugs up there. Love or hate it! Bolted by Felix Shlomovich.
  • 2003. Bouldery and technical start follows by delicate finish. Bolted by Felix Shlomovich.
  • 2002. Get ready, highly artistic technic and have nothing to do with the grade... Bolted by Felix Shlomovich.
  • 2003. Big brother of Tom. Climbing on scanty, almost missing holds. It is possible to bypass the crux to the left, then it's 6a+/b. Bolted by Felix Shlomovich & Max Shuster.
  • 2003. One balancy move at start, then short and easy slab. Bolted by Felix Shlomovich & Max Shuster.