Whitbread thumbnail
7c+ Sport at Vindön
Plats för märke thumbnail
Feskekörka thumbnail
7a Sport at Vindön
Falla thumbnail
6c Sport at Vindön
Land i sikte thumbnail
Land i sikte
6a+ Sport at Vindön
Sailor thumbnail
7c Sport at Vindön
Styrbord thumbnail
7b+ Sport at Vindön
Styv kuling thumbnail
Styv kuling
7a+ Sport at Vindön
Stena Line thumbnail
Stena Line
7a+ Sport at Vindön
Gippen thumbnail
7b Sport at Vindön
Simma lugnt thumbnail
Simma lugnt
7b+ Sport at Vindön
Slopern thumbnail
7c Sport at Vindön
Babord thumbnail
7b Sport at Vindön
Focken thumbnail
6b Sport at Vindön
Genua thumbnail
6b+ Sport at Vindön
Viking Line thumbnail
Viking Line
7c Sport at Vindön
Layline thumbnail
7b+ Sport at Vindön
Ingen plats thumbnail
Ingen plats
7c Sport at Vindön
Blue Peter thumbnail
Blue Peter
7c+ Sport at Vindön
Kuling thumbnail
6c Sport at Vindön
Full storm thumbnail
Full storm
7b+ Sport at Vindön
WC-17 thumbnail
7c Sport at Vindön
Sjöpungen thumbnail
7c Sport at Vindön
Sola för katten thumbnail
Sola för katten
4+ Traditional at Vindön
Svabord thumbnail
6b+ Sport at Vindön
Landkrabban thumbnail
7a+ Sport at Vindön
Protest thumbnail
7a Sport at Vindön
Two Mister Nasty thumbnail
Kamma kama kam thumbnail
Catch Me Again thumbnail
Pinche thumbnail
6c Sport at Södra Vindön
Blockeringen thumbnail
Lay Up Your Foot Please thumbnail
Sam sket knäck thumbnail
Lavarsliret thumbnail
Lavar är ett sattyg thumbnail
Landgången thumbnail
6b Sport at Vindön
Regattan thumbnail
7b+ Sport at Vindön
Rodrigues thumbnail
6a Sport at Vindön
Gå på plankan thumbnail
Gå på plankan
7c+ Sport at Vindön
Katamaran thumbnail
7a+ Sport at Vindön
Förseglingen thumbnail
7a Sport at Vindön
Repstegen thumbnail
6c+ Sport at Vindön
Spinnakern thumbnail
7b Sport at Vindön
Kryssa thumbnail
7c+ Sport at Vindön
Rätt upp i krysset thumbnail
Kinesgippen thumbnail
7b+ Sport at Vindön
Project (1) thumbnail
Project (1)
? Sport at Vindön
Apan thumbnail
7a+ Sport at Vindön
Project (2) thumbnail
Project (2)
? Sport at Vindön
Project (3) thumbnail
Project (3)
? Sport at Vindön
Bök och stök thumbnail
Bök och stök
7b Sport at Vindön
Match Racing thumbnail
Match Racing
7b Sport at Vindön
Sailin’ On thumbnail
Sailin’ On
8a+ Sport at Vindön
Slacka thumbnail
4+ Sport at Vindön
Det sjunde inseglet thumbnail
Början till något stort thumbnail
Capitaine Haddock thumbnail
Capitaine Haddock
8a+ Sport at Vindön

The area is access sensitive!

Don't litter and don't scream.
Do not climb the routes behind the summer houses when there are people in them.
Check even https://access.bergsport.se/?s=vind%C3%B6n.

From Göteborg take the E6 northwards. Leave the motorway at exit 96 .2, Torpmotet (signs for Orust/ Tjörn/Lysekil) and follow road 161 towards Lysekil. After 8 km turn left at a roundabout and follow road 160 towards Orust. After about 5 km you will pass a high bridge between mainland and the island of Orust. Turn right directly after the bridge (just before a tunnel) and park on the gravelled lot on your left side.
The drive is about 95 km.
You can see the crag from the car park (behind some summer houses). To get there, DO NOT walk through the summer house’s garden. Instead follow the narrow road for about 200 m. Then you should spot a path on the left side. Follow the path to the crag (the arête you arrive at is the start of Genua).

The crag is in the south of peninsula and contains some rather easy and long top rope routes.
The crag faces south but is shaded in the lower parts by some thick vegetation meaning the lower parts of the crag could be wet for a while after rain.
All routes at the crag are climbed on top rope. There are n lower-offs on the top of the crag. but there are plenty of cracks there making setting up top ropes easy. The routes are slightly overhanging or the first 5-10 m and get easier thereafter. The rock quality is not always the best.
Approach: From the parking lot follow the gavelled road (private road , do not drive here) for about 200 m and you should spot the crag to the left of the road.