the sectors constituting the main part of the zone are situated on the long, continuous line of cliffs overlooking the village. A driveable track runs eastwards below the cliffs then back westwards above them (heading for the twin antennas visible from the village) and it is actually possible to approach the sectors from either below or above, although the latter involves a considerably longer drive and the trackside bushes can be less than kind to vehicle paintwork. Here we describe the approaches most commonly used for each sector, although in reality one may choose any approach and simply walk along the base of the crag to reach your required destination. From a roundabout at the eastern end of the village follow the track (signposted Camí a la Serra Llena and surfaced in places) uphill towards the cliffs. P1 is a flat grassy area on the left-hand side of the track, approximately 500m from the roundabout and 100m beyond a sharp right-hand bend on a surfaced section. P2 is a lay-by on the left-hand side of the track approximately 300m beyond P1 (800m from the roundabout). It is situated on a right-hand bend about 20m past a side-track (the entrance to which is blocked by a boulder) which turns sharply back leftwards. There is a white letter “P” painted on a rock on the right-hand side of the parking area. P3 is situated another 300m further on (1.1km from the roundabout) immediately before a sharp left-hand bend and directly below the right-hand end of the cliffs. P4 is situated on top of the cliffs approximately 2.6km from the roundabout and just beyond where the track levels out. There is a yellow mark spray-painted on a pine tree here and also an Area Privada de Caça metal signpost. Note: Although walking from P4, on the top of the cliffs, is actually the quickest way to reach many of the sectors, due to the extra driving time required and the poor condition of the unsurfaced track, most people approach from P1-P3.

Sector approaches in description


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